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NighTWolF 2 минуты назад
Anybody else would even pay money to have such a training course avaiable?
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan 17 минут назад
Damn man you are supper strong I couldn't lift that dead lift with my back like you! lol JK great job man. I always happy to see someone representing the armed forces in a good way.
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan 29 минут назад
Anyone else think she's to hot to be a crayon eater? I would have believed AF but that's pushin it. possibly CG?
Margie Cast
Margie Cast 41 минуту назад
dang Ethan crushed it
MrPhysics 44 минуты назад
They took out more than 50% of your pay when you were in lemoore?
Kai Kaiser
Kai Kaiser 52 минуты назад
Kevin Dyer
Kevin Dyer Час назад
Tuff guys...
RavynLavender Games
RavynLavender Games Час назад
I was wheezing the entire time
BWQK1 Час назад
she's so tiny! she would have KILLED with an extra few inches
Naveen Manoharan
Naveen Manoharan Час назад
so james charles's body is literally mine from two years ago without my legs ps: Now I have a really strong body
ryan valenciano
ryan valenciano Час назад
THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS, & thank you for providing jobs IN THE USA BY build this course
Bailey Harrison
Bailey Harrison Час назад
I like the start of the beard....I can’t wait until it gets bigger 😆 I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out
BrianaLynn7 Час назад
THe fact that James could even climb the rope is impressive af. I could never.
britta wolker
britta wolker Час назад
Brianna Zike
Brianna Zike 2 часа назад
He didn’t touch with both knees they don’t count that
BrianaLynn7 2 часа назад
one second in and im wondering why james is wearing earrings
Anthony Basile
Anthony Basile 2 часа назад
Umm- you get a tiny female Marine to run the same test the Army infantry use?? And her first time she almost passes? Bwahahahahahaha!! As a guy who transitioned from Marine POG to Marine Infantry- there's a reason ARMY stands for Aren't Ready for Marines Yet. I was thinking about joining a reserve infantry unit in Alabama when I moved to the south- and honestly got scared away- those country boys were straight mutants. Yeah- none of those Marines were failing the ACFT, I promise.
Riku Soikkeli
Riku Soikkeli 2 часа назад
I'm sure that how the Marines treat Katelyn, it's completely normal from where they are. But to a Finnish male, this looks like how you treat a small child, not an adult. I guess there's all sorts of cultures in this big world, right? :)
Stephen Guilbert
Stephen Guilbert 2 часа назад
Deadlift is done with a hex bar. Power throw is done with a small rubber 10 lb. medicine ball, not...whatever that is. Pushups start in the down position, not up. Your legs HAVE to touch your elbows on the leg tuck. That being said, this Marine did a great job. That tether on the drag wasn’t doing her any favors and she would have been okay had this test been properly administrated. This test almost unfairly rewards size and she’s tiny and handled it well. This is a fine glimpse into the events but it’s not the ACFT.
Go Ruck Yourself
Go Ruck Yourself 2 часа назад
Yoooo nice job! Been rucking myself, for about 6 years. Check out my 1 mile ruck record. Try to beat it! Gotta love rucking.
Isabel Guara
Isabel Guara 2 часа назад
Okey si me dolió cada una de sus caídas :'v
Abrielle 3 часа назад
Hahaha the dogface ocean spray reference
66Comic creations66
66Comic creations66 3 часа назад
Awww😍😋Mark is so helpful to James Charles, teamwork!!👏😄
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes 3 часа назад
What's funny about this. He's not a grunt. Eas'd Navy "doc" btw.
RaRHawkydude 3 часа назад
I would like to point out that ants can lift about 5,000 times their own body weight, so it's not impossible, as we saw with the deadlift, for someone at about 100 pounds to lift something 150 pounds. No real reason to be surprised dude.
fort grove
fort grove 3 часа назад
Not all the leg tucks were clean. Both knees have to touch elbows; but great job.
Mar G69
Mar G69 3 часа назад
Fucken captain america
Daniel Laracuente
Daniel Laracuente 3 часа назад
Sorry but you have 30 min to complete all event not all day like she did
Bunni Draws
Bunni Draws 3 часа назад
Let's be honest mark is so soft ... Help ing james in the race lol
keenan dixon
keenan dixon 3 часа назад
What’s yo rank
Kbear2097 4 часа назад
I’m out of breath from just watching this...
Joseph Darden
Joseph Darden 4 часа назад
She smol
GhostToast 5 часов назад
*laughs in FMF Corpsman with first class PFT*
Charles Douglas
Charles Douglas 5 часов назад
Tha marine big asf
Hi Bob
Hi Bob 5 часов назад
This new PT standard is dumb. I wonder what diversity hire thought of this.
slay simps
slay simps 6 часов назад
Marine ya whatever you say
Blitzkrieg-MeX 6 часов назад
i wish i was 21 again!
Basically Bagel
Basically Bagel 7 часов назад
He look like captain America and he is
Finlay Belham
Finlay Belham 7 часов назад
She can do it it's just because she short and some of the obstacles are high
M N E M O N I C 7 часов назад
Next time don't grab a wook for your video to make it look harder than what it is they get it easier for our PFT'S and everything
Bruce M.
Bruce M. 7 часов назад
Outstanding job Marine! Semper Fidelis Bruce.
Sal 7 часов назад
I hope the shots prevent illnesses wtf and don’t cause
Lee Farr
Lee Farr 8 часов назад
Ummm homey, you can't count.
steven lane
steven lane 8 часов назад
What do you know about the SW in the Seabees?
OldSalt 8 часов назад
I'll take a Gearing Class Destroyer any day. .
AJ & Gunter
AJ & Gunter 8 часов назад
theses kind of challenges are way more real than if someone were to practice it 200 times. Those American Ninja warriors are nothing compared to real athletes like her
joker 8 часов назад
Most of the events were incorrect
KekePfan16 9 часов назад
Is the guy in the black single? 😍
HaileyInTheBuilding 9 часов назад
I would love to do this but the height advantageee
gobanito 9 часов назад
The military is a microcosm of the larger world, so yes there is racism in the military just as there is in the real world. However the military is a more progressive place than most civilian companies when it comes to promoting ethnic minorities in powerful positions like Japanese-American Eric Shinseki who attained the rank of 4 star General and Army Chief of Staff, to aircraft carrier captains like Filipino-American Ronald Ravelo.
eeddmm99 9 часов назад
I counted 38 pushups. Try the "All American" , like AATW, Rangers any day!
Compilation King - Small Youtuber
Compilation King - Small Youtuber 10 часов назад
Give them a hand for agreeing to participate 👏👏
Lia May
Lia May 10 часов назад
She probably likes clubbing. If you know, you know.
dirtyharry205 10 часов назад
that was nothing for her
Optical Eagle
Optical Eagle 10 часов назад
Gets a 100 on the deadlift 😂😂😂 yeah right that’s the min for combat mos. You max out at 340
Claire Griffith
Claire Griffith 10 часов назад
There taller not fair lol 😂
Max Biaggi
Max Biaggi 10 часов назад
This is all bull shit who cares many push-ups your legal, doctors etc can do. No Pt for non combat MOS
Christopher Phanara
Christopher Phanara 11 часов назад
WOW, stuff has changed a whole lot since i was in Navy. Bachelor Housing Allowance was really hard to get. I was a PR2 and still had a hard time getting any off base allowances. If i lived off base it came outta my pocket. And my base pay after 7 years in active duty I believe was approximately 500 to 600 bi-weekly. But IMHO the chow hall was a better deal even though you had mystery meat at least 3 times a week and Mid-Rats was always awesome. Good job Petty Officer Alexander.
rsy 11 часов назад
him: i challenge u to get to 50, it’s harder than u think. me in 5th grade: gets 48 laps anyone else who did this in school knows it’s not as hard as he says loll
Renan Garzon
Renan Garzon 11 часов назад
She was giving help. I'm sure, that if she was told that she needed to complete that obstacle course without it. She would eventually complete that course without any help.
Andrew Kivela
Andrew Kivela 11 часов назад
Wow, I thought the ACFT was stupid when I read about it...
Dianna vlogs
Dianna vlogs 11 часов назад
Hey did the stocks twins do this???
Marisol Rodriguez
Marisol Rodriguez 11 часов назад
That would be me !