cancer sucks...

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Austen Alexander

Год назад

I want to update this video and say that Ariel is in remission!
Thanks for all the support and kind comments and messages to her!

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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson Месяц назад
I am a cancer survivor and I have been in that situation of being stuck in a hospital and having cancer does suck.
Melissa Reece
Melissa Reece Месяц назад
How is your friend as I went through 2 surgery for cancer two areas doing better .just wanted to check on your friend ?
Trynity marcey Herrera
Trynity marcey Herrera 2 месяца назад
My mom has cancer
Autumn Webb
Autumn Webb 2 месяца назад
Prayers god bless!
kristal ann Wahpoosywan
kristal ann Wahpoosywan 4 месяца назад
Just found out today
kristal ann Wahpoosywan
kristal ann Wahpoosywan 4 месяца назад
I have cancer its not fun i hate it
Rey K
Rey K 4 месяца назад
Hey Austen, I don't usually write comments on videos, but I stumbled across your account a couple of weeks ago and the more I watch your videos the more I get inspired and have my faith restored in humanity because people like you actually exist. It must've been very hard for you to give up going to the bodybuilding show because it meant a lot to you, but facing the hard truth and making the decision to visit your friend means much more than that. Very inspiring. I love your content! I'm learning lots from you. Cheers from Saudi Arabia!
Rey K
Rey K 4 месяца назад
I'm sending lots of love to your friend. I hope she's healthier now!
Abby Rich
Abby Rich 4 месяца назад
I love what he said at the end because I struggle with so many medical conditions and I won’t lie it sucks but I always try to have a good attitude about it because I know that they are so many people who are worse off then me and that even tho I am limited in everything I do there are people who can’t do anything I can
Morpheus0z 6 месяцев назад
Well said with people being more positive! I hope your friend makes a great recovery and I hope everyone can have a more positive mind set like that one day
celi nee
celi nee 7 месяцев назад
I will to pray for her 🙏🏼and thankyou so much for that vidéo 👍🏻 my friand she was have cancer but she fine now ... and im happy for your vidéo and good job 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Chelsea Lovely
Chelsea Lovely 8 месяцев назад
Any updates on Ariel?? Praying for her ❤️
Potomak Meadows
Potomak Meadows 8 месяцев назад
Just started watching your channel...but it was your tattoos not your hair. Gratitude is something so many of us overlook. Thank you!!
Maddog 3851
Maddog 3851 10 месяцев назад
Praying for her and y’all you are great
jenny mc
jenny mc 10 месяцев назад
You look hot with no hair Austen
SugarCaneMACHETE 11 месяцев назад
ROSE LEE Год назад
You are an amazing friend! Bless your friend
Shovunizim Cordiforio
Shovunizim Cordiforio Год назад
Breaks my heart 💔 Um 😥 u'm, feeling so 😢 much in the inside of me more than the outside of my head I'm shaking a lot cause 😭 clearer I am crying in the inside of myself for knowing how much I like Alex's haircut he's my man.
Adelina Webb
Adelina Webb Год назад
My grandma is currently fighting stage 4 colon cancer she’s become immune to all treatments and she is currently on hospice I know what your going through and it is hard trust me the doctors just told my family to spend as. Much time with my grandma as possible because we might not have her in about a week when I heard that it really hit home fir me... she is honestly my rock if u don’t have her I will be nothing
W C Год назад
who the hell disliked this video
Jason TheGarcia
Jason TheGarcia Год назад
Ariel you rock! Godbless
Jason TheGarcia
Jason TheGarcia Год назад
What you said from day 1 do inspire not just me but us. see you soon Sir! A Salute from Southern Mindanao Philippines.
Grant Hubbard
Grant Hubbard Год назад
I enjoy variety channels for was very refreshing to see her strength. Essiac Tea is something she may want to look into....🍻
Joe Mason
Joe Mason Год назад
praying for a speedy recovery
Maci Renee
Maci Renee Год назад
Sending prayers
cpecpecpe Год назад
Thank you for the video. Thank you for being who you are. I have Stage 4A Ductal Prostate Cancer. Had tons of treatments. By far the best was the love of my life, my life and my friends. While I have never been the military I feel that I am a cancer warrior. Part of that is to support others fighting this monster. To focus on what is important in life and not on the trivial. God Bless.
cpecpecpe Год назад
Austen Alexander Thank you for being you!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+cpecpecpe thank you for this comment. Best of luck and prayers to you in the future!! Also I find the positive attitude inspiring 💪💪
spongebob squarepants
spongebob squarepants Год назад
most hilarious thing ive seen ever
spongebob squarepants
spongebob squarepants Год назад
hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 she has cancer
Jordan Kingren
Jordan Kingren Год назад
My mom has stage 1 grade 3 breast cancer
Gaming with a Penguin
Gaming with a Penguin Год назад
Whoever diselikes this is and idiot
So So
So So Год назад
Idahoan Mapping
Idahoan Mapping Год назад
The 37 people that disliked this video make my brain hurt
Lukus Stevens
Lukus Stevens Год назад
I lost my grandfather to cancer it's terrible I will keep her in my prayers
Keith Cassidy
Keith Cassidy Год назад
Hey dont feel down I'm going through alot my mom has cancer for the second time it metastasized and cannot be cured but can be maintained and I cant loose her because she's my mom they said scince she's healthy she'll be fine but when she gets older it gets worse and she could die
Whiteboii303 Год назад
Tell ur friend keep her head up I'm 24 years Survivor and the same cancer but burkitt's lymphoma Non-Hodgkin's it's a crazy world but all we can do is keep going
Cecilia Wangari
Cecilia Wangari Год назад
Hope your friend will get well in the name of our Lord Jesus
B Series
B Series Год назад
I wish her well.
Dale Henry
Dale Henry Год назад
Hope Ariel is doing better,praying.
LadyHawk Год назад
You are such an Angel!!!
canecorsodude Год назад
My prayers go to you guys
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm Год назад
It’s so awesome to hear the mass is shrinking it is very very possible the way she is now it will shrink and hopefully it will be beaten and it is possible good luck Ariel
JustFit Год назад
Hope she gets better man.God bless you and her.Yeah, man that’s human people complaining for what they have, little do they know there’s people that don’t even have that luxury.I humble myself when I notice I did that, devalue what I have.And I’m glad man, life is a journey, and it’s alright if you include it in RUrun bro.
Jackson B
Jackson B Год назад
If I could like this video a billion times and give you endless likes I would. But one like with a ton of love, inspiration, And hope for the future will have to do. Thank you Austin. She is lucky to have such a good friend like you.
Dillon Stuter
Dillon Stuter Год назад
Hey Austen. Just wanted to give you a message of hope. I had leukemia when I was little and that really was a hard time for my family but it’s the people like you and everyone out there that raised enough money to pay for medicine along with God’s loving hand allowed me to survive and of course there’s always side affects but now I’m 16 years cancer free and have the motivation and desire to be a navy seal. I’m going up against a lot but I’m not letting my second chance go to waist and I’m working towards achieving my dream. Thank you for everyone that always reaches out towards people diagnosed with cancer. It means more than you think because it gave my family hope for me. Thank you Austen for sticking by your friend and being there. Stay strong and trust in God and nothing will stop you even the sicknesses of the world
Owen Fredericy
Owen Fredericy Год назад
Sending prayers to her and her family, you are the person who the world needs to be like, you are a huge inspiration to me, keep it up man, don’t ever stop being great
#DIMELO Год назад
bro you got the gram? (instagram)
Michael Bellinger
Michael Bellinger Год назад
Austen, this was spot on. At the end of the day I call them 1st world problems. Thanks for the video and I hope your friend makes a full recovery.
Steve Roth
Steve Roth Год назад
Awesome message!
5LRHYTHMS Год назад
I’m sending prayers man. Hope she kicks cancers ass and has a full recovery. Hang in there man! And I hope she gets better soon.
John Brown
John Brown Год назад
Keep up the good work man, you’re a great inspiration. God has a great plan for your life man. Keep it up
Jeanna Puckett
Jeanna Puckett Год назад
Thank you Austin Alexander. This video made me want to cry. My mother fougt breast,lung,brain then the tumor in her brain moved down to her neck and turned terminal in her bones. She was one hell of a fighter and i'm proud to be her daughter she resisted pain meds while she was on hospice to spend the little time she had left with us. she passed June 10 2016. Prayers for your friend may she live a long happy life. God bless.
Beth Rebholz
Beth Rebholz Год назад
Beautiful video. Praying for your friend and those who love her.
GeorgioBooty Год назад
Hope she gets better. ❤
Christopher Chaos
Christopher Chaos Год назад
That was really cool of you and meaningful. I hope your friend continues to do well man.
raven macmillan
raven macmillan Год назад
Keep fighting. Sugars and caffeine are bad for cancer too it feeds off of it. Please be aware
TimaanG Год назад
Just prayed for your friend and all those battling cancer 🙏🏽. My moms went through breast cancer and she is doing great! Much love
ChewyB Год назад
You now actually what you were doing with the thumbnail
Ryan Weaver
Ryan Weaver Год назад
Austen you inspire us no matter what you do, but I see what your saying about people not being grateful for living life. You made me realize that everyday we wake up is a blessing and I thank you for that brother!
Kyle Damonze
Kyle Damonze Год назад
This really inspired me ! Love it
RAZOORBACK 22 Год назад
Prayers for her! Your amazing man for supporting her.
Nick Nicolas
Nick Nicolas Год назад
Amen bro, God bless you 🙏
Antonio Williams
Antonio Williams Год назад
I’m Highly inspired 💪🏾💪🏾 keep fighting Ariel the best days yet are ahead of you.
lindit papaj
lindit papaj Год назад
I cannot fathom why someone would dislike a video of someone sharing that their friend is recovering from cancer, if you don't like the video don't watch it. Hope your friend lives cancer free for the rest of her life.
HardAnall Jr.
HardAnall Jr. Год назад
Lol whats shaving your head going to do
Ty Roberts
Ty Roberts Год назад
That’s so awesome what you did! I watched my grandma and my great aunt suffer from cancer, and even years later it’s such a touchy feeling for me. If you’ve ever seen a loved one get cancer. You understand how great you have it. No chemo, no radiology treatments, no frequent doctor visits. Remember what you have and be great full for it, it’s what god has given you and embrace it.
Marshall bivins
Marshall bivins Год назад
I have been through crap, but one of the things that kept me moving forward was the fact that I was still lucky enough to have things such as family, a home, one good friend, and a life. I always have been grateful for what I've been given, and even when life dealt a bad hand, I kept on trying to look for the positivity in it.
chandi015 d
chandi015 d Год назад
Very sorry for Ariel's health struggles, u both are very kind souls. Great vid!!
Jordanxz Год назад
we love a clickbait title!
HSM Thuel
HSM Thuel Год назад
Austin's a hero for, keep up the fight against cancer for her and millions. Love you man.
Big_snipe 124
Big_snipe 124 Год назад
How can people dislike the video like seriously, anyways I wish you the best of luck truly ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jackson Kemp
Jackson Kemp Год назад
prayers are being sent her way love the content ! you modivate me to not take advntage everyday
Beautifully Blessed
Beautifully Blessed Год назад
This is everything!
Justin Casey
Justin Casey Год назад
You’re Breathtaking!
Shawn Naylor
Shawn Naylor Год назад
My blessing was disguised as a curse
LongColt Год назад
Dude we all thought u had fuckin cancer..... what the fuck
Jaron Berig
Jaron Berig Год назад
This is amazing, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer a month ago and we’re all fighting for her. She gets surgery next week and is high risk. This motivates me to still have hope.
NavySeal Sev
NavySeal Sev Год назад
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Год назад
Good vibe prayers to her. Hugs to you both
OSO. B Год назад
Bro you help me with my PTSD I'm a former Marine spent eight years in the Marines was0331 you're motivation keeps me going brother also. Navy is our brother in arms coreman saved my life when I got injured in Iraq I. Just wanted to say. I appreciate the videos and Semper Fi and also I'm from Birmingham AL Roll tide !!
ignacio knispel
ignacio knispel Год назад
Be strong bro, i will pray... 🤙🏻
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores Год назад
You’re right Austen, and I wish the best for Ariel
Amanda Carruthers
Amanda Carruthers Год назад
I applaud you and I love her even more. I see it EVERY day, the pain of the patients and their caregivers. Beat this Ariel, kick cancer’s a$$!!! #cancersucks my mom has been in remission from stage II breast cancer but the fear always lurks of the occurrence. Love you girl, you can and WILL beat this!!!
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas Год назад
Thank you so much for posting this. I have a family member that is going through cancer treatment now, so this is very encouraging. Praying for you and your friend that she is cancer free soon🙏
Derek Carter
Derek Carter Год назад
I hope she feels better
Warriors Roundtable
Warriors Roundtable Год назад
This is gold, Austen. It seems like most of us in the western world are so disconnected from reality that we chase happiness through wealth and status, and end up with nothing of lasting value. I've seen folks living in 'poverty' and pain, but who are infinitely more happy because they have relationships forged through those tough times that bring true, deep, and lasting joy. At the end of the day, none of it matters without relationships. You are blessed to have Ariel in your life and be a part of her story. Thanks for this today.
Aric Alias
Aric Alias Год назад
I feel like you are lieing to be honest i have cancer and i would not make a video about it
Diehard Puns
Diehard Puns Год назад
Thank you! I appreciate you putting this together, and your friend for being so willing to capture this moment. Just like you said, we need to appreciate what we have, and maybe really connect with ourselves to realize what we do. It could always be worse; we are blessed.
Aleks Год назад
Im happy that Arial is recovering, im praying for her... And might I add that you look a little bit less gay with short hair like that. Godspeed Austen. Godspeed.
Max Cohen
Max Cohen Год назад
Tell ur friend to keep fighting, she can beat cancers read end
Futbol Loco
Futbol Loco Год назад
This means a lot man😔🙏🏽I’m going through a lot right now too. My mom just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and will be undergoing treatment. I’m trying to stay strong and I’m praying for her and I’m praying for your friend too. God bless🙏🏽
Joey Chaves
Joey Chaves Год назад
God bless her. Praying for her and the family!
MrBombastic009 Год назад
Hope she gets better soon god be with her
Smokey Niles
Smokey Niles Год назад
I pray for you!!
TheSpecOpser Год назад
Good Job Austen! Man of Honor! I liked. Subbed long ago, bro. Salute from a german comrade.
Michel David
Michel David Год назад
Bless you Austin for making this video. You are a very inspiring man and drive me to fight harder every day. I was diagnosed with a severe neurological disorder brought on by a vaccine administered to me while on active duty as a Seabee in Port Hueneme. What I have is a genetic mutation and has caused some very serious issues. I write this in complete horror as I am about to tell all who reads this about my issue and how I am completely humiliated by it. When I was a young sailor in the early 1990’s I was on a joint force VBSS team in the Middle East that kept contraband from getting into Iraq then I cross rated to a CE in the Seabees where I was a member of CSE (Convoy Security Element) until 2010 when I started to get sick. Fast forward to 2015 when I retired, I was informed by my doctors that I was getting worse and that they had no idea what was making me sick and why my body was losing signal from my brain to function properly and one day my heart would lose signal and stop beating. Well last year my bladder lost signal to operate properly and I became 100% incontinent, causing me to have to be in diapers 24/7. I don’t write this to get sympathy, but to thank you for your words of encouragement! Instead of sitting around and hating myself because I feel my body is betraying me, I get up and do, not try, I do something more everyday. I’m not going to let the fact that I have to wear a diaper hold me down anymore. I am thankful to be alive and know that I served with honor and nothing will ever change that! Thank you Austin and give your beautiful friend a hug and tell her I said thank you for her encouragement!
Mason Matturro
Mason Matturro Год назад
That's amazing to see that she is doing way better! Amazing talk at the end!! Thanks man have an amazing day!
Barna Péter
Barna Péter Год назад
All respect
West Reunite
West Reunite Год назад
Much love to your family and everyone who's dearest to you brother
maria pavon
maria pavon Год назад
You’re the realest dude thanks for all the things you do to inspire others
fizzlepoppy Год назад
Cancer does freaking suck, breast cancer took my grandma in 2015. Ill be praying for you guys!
Baldina Molino
Baldina Molino Год назад
Thank you from a military momma. Life goes on while my son’s’ serve. But sometimes we at home lose track of what’s going on in their lives, so far away. And a shout out to your friend: never give up, and smile.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
thank you!
Austen Alexander
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