Forcing My Girlfriend to Try the US Marine Obstacle Course

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Austen Alexander

Месяц назад

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Finally, Sara took her best shot at the US Marine obstacle course! I've hosted many people onto this obstacle course and finally got Sara out of her comfort zone!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

lolly songh
lolly songh Месяц назад
2:11 "there you go" *She drops on the ground* curses.. "that was good you did it" Me: 👁️ 👄 👁️
Amanda Caballero
Amanda Caballero 8 дней назад
Jeejington 10 дней назад
I'm reading it with the face and I'm in tears
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
lolly songh
lolly songh Месяц назад
@Sara Wehbé it is funny😆
Sara Wehbé
Sara Wehbé Месяц назад
I actually laughed at this 🤣
Kayla Arredondo
Kayla Arredondo Час назад
Sarah I feel you girl! I'd be the same way 3:50
Chibuikem Ubesie
Chibuikem Ubesie 6 часов назад
Why is she so scared? She can't even bunny hop properly.
ZyFe Anonomyous
ZyFe Anonomyous 9 часов назад
The disappointment in his faces had me dead😂
luis Rodriguez
luis Rodriguez 10 часов назад
my friend after that the ladies do not say that we are not gentlemen.
Marisol Rodriguez
Marisol Rodriguez День назад
That would be me !
Keena Witt
Keena Witt День назад
She annoyed me before the first minute. "Well I don't want to get blisters." Duh... She's an obnoxious brat.
Rebel Reaps
Rebel Reaps 2 дня назад
5:22 When you have to walk to the other bathroom because there's no more toilet paper.
robskalas 2 дня назад
She is in good shape and has good muscle tone.. just doesn't have the upper body strength she needs for this. Good effort, though.
LiL Peach
LiL Peach 3 дня назад
Ok sarah last obstacle rope climbing u know how to climb a rope. Sarah: no
Simple Golf
Simple Golf 3 дня назад
As soon as he sat up on that bar I was thinking DONT CRUSH EM
Melody Robb
Melody Robb 3 дня назад
I want to try this so badly!!! I think that I could do pretty well😆maybe I can one day...I'll try!
Spoonfed Truth
Spoonfed Truth 3 дня назад
I don’t think she has done the bunny hops once. But it’s seems like you got lots of hands on experience with her in this one 😉 lol please don’t die on me who’s gonna pay my bills/have my babies? That’s sweet
Spoonfed Truth
Spoonfed Truth 3 дня назад
She doesn’t trust you to catch her... hmmmm sounds like something I would say to my husband. Who loves pulling tricks on me. He actually just electrocuted both of us. He’s still apologizing over it
My World
My World 3 дня назад
Oh I love watching you two together.. this was hilarious 😂
My World
My World 3 дня назад
She wears the pants in this relationship lol
My World
My World 3 дня назад
She did well this was hilarious
1Lt Uncle Jack
1Lt Uncle Jack 4 дня назад
I love his hand placements on her
Artur Spartan
Artur Spartan 4 дня назад
10:51 how do I grab the second one. Other arm just there like im I a joke to you. Lol
Joseph Levi
Joseph Levi 4 дня назад
You should have given James Charles some of that “help”
Nathan Jetty
Nathan Jetty 5 дней назад
i miss having these courses just laying around near my house. I have struggled for years to create the same type of stuff in my gym
Asha 5 дней назад
This seemed like a princess being rescued.. she used you as a stool. Love it 😂😂😂😂
Asha 5 дней назад
Her on the second obstacle: HoLd Me Im ScArEd But you can tell she really tried even though its not her area of expertise. This was fun to watch
Emmett Meents
Emmett Meents 5 дней назад
its not your fault your a failure
Helena Lawrence
Helena Lawrence 6 дней назад
She reminds me of Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap, but in a good way
Laurie Robinson
Laurie Robinson 6 дней назад
I loved this video!! Austin was doing most of the work, but she tried!! In watching this video I’ve come to realize I am very much like her lol... I know that I would do and say some of the same things she said 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. The rope climb I know I couldn’t do and the any of the bars. When she said she was scared. Yep, that’s me too!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ plus I’m short so I know that that course would be very difficult for me!!
habiba beebah
habiba beebah 7 дней назад
“You know what, I’ma need a boost” she literally boosted through the entire obstacle course.
Rosalenna 7 дней назад
I love her 😂😂🙌🏼 did waayyy better than how I would’ve done it. Sarah at the ropes is my favorite thing ever now. “ I’m over it “ Austin : “ just run and don’t think about it “ Me : *thinking about it now* ow i got a splinter
Gorditaz 8 дней назад
Arguing during the course explanation. Lol
Amanda Caballero
Amanda Caballero 8 дней назад
I needed that laugh lol. Good job Sara! And Austen haha
Cynthia Sidas
Cynthia Sidas 8 дней назад
The face he makes after saying “ my face is your pillow”😂😂
patrick langley
patrick langley 8 дней назад
Bruh you got more of a workout than she did.
alenkabkk 9 дней назад
Modification for rope climbing lol
Lady "G"
Lady "G" 10 дней назад
She whines too much
Blade Martial Arts Academy
Blade Martial Arts Academy 10 дней назад
Brilliant. 😁😁🤣🤣🙏🙏🙏
Triss Chey
Triss Chey 10 дней назад
She’s a whole mood😂
Fernando 10 дней назад
I wanna become an instructor
876 GAMERS 10 дней назад
Sara every obstacle Austin i need help 😆
Mariana Consoli
Mariana Consoli 11 дней назад
Imagine if Austen wasn't there to help her!!.......10 hours later.
María Isabel M
María Isabel M 11 дней назад
This was hilarious 😂 I would definitely fail at it..
Stefan Ott
Stefan Ott 11 дней назад
Best obstacle video ever! Sara, you rock!
music〉anyelse2010 12 дней назад
Who’s really running this course? lol
Stacie Banks
Stacie Banks 12 дней назад
I already did that.. this morning. -looks at camera
Stacie Banks
Stacie Banks 12 дней назад
Parkour woman and man!!! To do this course!
Hope Bullard
Hope Bullard 12 дней назад
Her running is me! 😂 I think I'm slower!
Laura Parrish
Laura Parrish 12 дней назад
She’s the girl that was afraid of getting on top of the monkey bars wasn’t she
Miss Stephanie Walker
Miss Stephanie Walker 13 дней назад
She is in great shape!!!
Darnelious Shedrick
Darnelious Shedrick 13 дней назад
He’s showing her how to do it but he’s doing it wrong too lol
Kvn_GrTr 13 дней назад
I was glad that I got good at pullups when I faced that obstacle course at bootcamp, as you can see, you need to be able to pull up yourself more than once. That's why we do pullups and not pushups in the Marine Corps.
Kvn_GrTr 13 дней назад
Who knows and I end up calling her sister Leatherneck soon....
ENNY BUENO 13 дней назад
Alexis Pedroza
Alexis Pedroza 14 дней назад
soy igual a ella en los ejercicios de ostaculos, lo unico diferente es que no soy ni de ese tono de piel, ni de ese color de cabello, ni de ojos... pero es como verme.
Smiling Shadow
Smiling Shadow 14 дней назад
Austen when Katelyn Ohashi falls off an obstacle: looking on calmly - "Be careful, I don't have insurance." Austen when his girlfriend tries an obstacle: looking all concerned - "That's OK honey, just fall on my face."... He cares... :-D
B H 14 дней назад
she's the only guest who is able to be sassy and have an attitude and I love it.
Moetoto Fa'asolo
Moetoto Fa'asolo 14 дней назад
“Just do your best to jump and climb it” jumps and fails 😂😂😂
joanna witt
joanna witt 14 дней назад
I want to run this obstacle course too :((
Daniel ketteringham
Daniel ketteringham 14 дней назад
rope inside of knee out side of foot...
Yubitza Estrada
Yubitza Estrada 14 дней назад
My bf is a marine & lord this is exactly how he acts when he wants me to do something physical 🤣🤣 it’s easy easy like yeah easy for y’all
Sierra White
Sierra White 14 дней назад
she sounds like Katy Perry
Jim Lawn Jr
Jim Lawn Jr 15 дней назад
Now you have to try Hungover and then drunk The Marine Corps way . SFMF
Artenevermiss 15 дней назад
His face at 4:37
Jose B
Jose B 15 дней назад
Such a princess...
Stephanie R
Stephanie R 15 дней назад
Rope climbs aren’t easy if you don’t know the technique. Props to her for giving that tough course a try!
Officially Amanda
Officially Amanda 16 дней назад
I just ordered the cereal and used your code, FYI!! Can’t wait to try it!
Angel Land
Angel Land 16 дней назад
Austen...Marry her already!
Tania Emyliani
Tania Emyliani 17 дней назад
Why she ran like a 5 years old kid
asami salami
asami salami 17 дней назад
i kinda want to attempt and record myself doing this so i can look back and laugh every time i fall on my face haha
Theone Wolf
Theone Wolf 17 дней назад
Imagine her doing this with DI's all around screaming
98svtkobragal 17 дней назад
Austen, that was really terrible technique on the single bar. Someone really could've gotten hurt. Next time, have a Marine demo this! 💪🏽
DahhBoii T.
DahhBoii T. 18 дней назад
Am joing NAVY after am done training i need a date with u plz
Clint Renskers
Clint Renskers 18 дней назад
Literally was just reminded why guys don't take their gf/wife/mistress/booty call to do "MAN TIME" things. I give her props for actually doing the obstacle. Me personally, I think this video was her way of pissing (marking her territory) on him to let other girls know he is happily taken cause "you're such a good boyfriend" .... fyi- he got his cardio this morning .. she just had to add that lol.... i miss watching like fitness models or better yet, female gymnasts
Meena k
Meena k 19 дней назад
Lmao I cant 😂😂
Rega Lupo
Rega Lupo 19 дней назад
Love her efforts, her knowledge of her own limitations, and she looks a bit like Senua so that's cool 👍🏼
er1073 19 дней назад
But seriously folks this is a timed event in the real world. GySgt USMC.
Dan’s Magical Creations!
Dan’s Magical Creations! 19 дней назад
What I imagine at the playground during elementary school
Asal Abdollahi
Asal Abdollahi 20 дней назад
When he says eassy, so simple 😐😐😐😐I'm like whaaaaat?????
Icee Mydiary
Icee Mydiary 20 дней назад
Sarah made my day LOL. you're very cute sarah the way u being OA
Jared Barajas
Jared Barajas 20 дней назад
After essentially using him to do all do the work. Her: I did it! Him: yeah (in the dryest, I'm not gonna say what I really think, voice EVER)
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 20 дней назад
1:51 Lmao, that is not how u do it-
Kay Faith
Kay Faith 20 дней назад
She wasn’t even trying
Ana corbalan martinez
Ana corbalan martinez 21 день назад
james schaffhausen
james schaffhausen 22 дня назад
Best couple bonding video. 😁😄😄☝️😇❤😎💍👀😁
james schaffhausen
james schaffhausen 22 дня назад
Be nice and Supportive. Brother 😎❤😇💪💪👀❤📹☝️
no 22 дня назад
cover my mouth 🤭
Michaella Sousa
Michaella Sousa 22 дня назад
I've never related to someone so much in your videos! This course is a completely different beast for short people!
GBlues1 22 дня назад
Not a keeper. Do not have babies with that one.
no 23 дня назад
u and ur girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer 23 дня назад
Good looking girl, and shes your sugarmama, I'm sorry but even as a female I gotta give props
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer 23 дня назад
If you didnt help her, the form she had would of injured her. Ouch!
allen hughes
allen hughes 23 дня назад
He’s so annoyed 😂😂
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Paul Badtram
Paul Badtram 23 дня назад
You need to have her that gymnastics athlete and that 99 lbs. Marine.
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
SemperPie EatorDie
SemperPie EatorDie 23 дня назад
Im sorry, but as a female marine her being super girly is giving me anxiety lol. She's super cute and funny just smh
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Betty Gloria
Betty Gloria 23 дня назад
Bro ur girlfriend's not a failure yo shez a winner bro! I wudnt have done this for anyone in the world in the first place! 😂
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
FITBAMI 24 дня назад
Lmfaooo she’s funny as hell
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
TheKingofEloHell 24 дня назад
"Have you ever stepped on a wall?" Austen: "Yes. Many times."
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Kara love Hernandez
Kara love Hernandez 25 дней назад
this is so funny 😂😂🤣
Christopher Sayre
Christopher Sayre 25 дней назад
Yo Cleveland, rep it 216 gang
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Ohana ilo
Ohana ilo 26 дней назад
With whom? Is the question. “Suspicious Minds,” is the title of the song. Were you at work? Get Married and have babies already. Using the feet was to slow for me. I just used all arms and sped to the top. Arm strength, stomach muscles, and pull ups are what takes you to the, “Top.”
no 22 дня назад
him and his girlfriend should do the secret telling challenge
Joe Grande
Joe Grande 26 дней назад
she would not survive the marines too girly girl
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 26 дней назад
“Good thing you don’t have any” Oh god this made me die. Markelpliers balls was funnier
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