Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Takes on the US Marine Obstacle Course

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Austen Alexander

4 месяца назад

Katelyn Ohashi takes on the challenge of running through a military obstacle course. Katelyn is a former UCLA gymnast and National Team member. This course is used for physical training by U.S Marines.
Watch my girlfriend attempt this course!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

obbzerver Час назад
Feminazis - this is why women don't belong in combat.
Angela Moore
Angela Moore 3 часа назад
You should try to be a pro swimmer
Carolzinha Wang
Carolzinha Wang 3 часа назад
I wanna see a circus aerialist doing this, will be pretty damn easy
Baraqijal Esna
Baraqijal Esna 3 часа назад
5 minutes. I'm done...
scratchgolf 4 часа назад
I don't want to be that guy but.. It doesnt look that hard..
Craig Etheredge
Craig Etheredge 6 часов назад
All her strength and power is in her thighs and hips. It's what she trained for, I would think. Not much on upper body strength. Good job. Fun to watch...
silvercrystalscouk 7 часов назад
Well done girl! Smashed it
leo wu
leo wu 8 часов назад
Are all US marine that huge? Can't help noticing the size of his arm.. almost like a bodybuilder..
Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas 9 часов назад
Not my type
Чебурашка 9 часов назад
Очень странно для гимнастки не смочь сделать подъём переворот.
Soraya Wörner
Soraya Wörner 11 часов назад
Hat die Frau nix besseres zu tuen🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
rexlevitak1 12 часов назад
I don’t even need to watch the video to know she did it. Gymnast train far far far harder then marines and they do it more often then not since they were children . Now a marine trying to do a week of hardcore gymnastics training? That would be interesting to see although I highly suspect that they would be crippled by the end of it.
Jon Fishes
Jon Fishes 13 часов назад
Homeboy is curling heavy bruv.
Asher Wolfson
Asher Wolfson 16 часов назад
You have to remember that female gymnastics is about agility and poise, whereas male gymnastics is mostly about brute strength. Combining that with the average height of a female gymnast, any world class gymnast would struggle to do this. They're still TOTALLY boss, though.
Dimarie Martinez
Dimarie Martinez 17 часов назад
On 3:56 she went slpat
Francis Osuna
Francis Osuna 19 часов назад
Katelyn Ohashi... a German-Japanese American gymnast... reminds many people of "Mary Lou Retton." Like Mary Lou, Katelyn is tiny but she is an absolute powerhouse.
yalokcin 20 часов назад
is this Gymnast? I see fat pig only. Look at the real Gymnast for example
Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson 23 часа назад
Great video! Now she needs to lead you two through the floor exercise.
Héctor Catalán
Héctor Catalán 23 часа назад
Si su estatura fuera de 20cm más, no tendría ningún problema en pasar... Algunos obstáculos son para marinos altos, ninguno es tan pequeño como la chica...
babylone_55 День назад
I'm never going to ever even be able to do the first one :D
Vikram Bhayani
Vikram Bhayani День назад
I think shes ready to become a us marine
Mitchel Evans
Mitchel Evans День назад
ohashi is 4’10”. This course is made for folks above 5’8”. Considering that the course was made for giants, she aced it.
Shazlar Matt
Shazlar Matt День назад
Aaawww, she's short like me... cute 🤗
Parinaz Re
Parinaz Re День назад
I love to try them😭😍
M. Baquerizo
M. Baquerizo День назад
El tamaño de los obstáculos y el tipo de obstáculos demuestra que está hecho POR hombres y PARA hombres. No teniendo en cuenta que la altura y peso de las mujeres es diferente. Y luego dicen que las mujeres no entran a estos cuerpos porque no pasan las pruebas. Obvio que no pueden, si no se adecúa a la realidad de su estructura corporal, algo que NO PUEDE cambiarse por más que se entrene. Conclusión: estas pruebas ignoran, excluyen y discriminan al 50 % de la población.
vittok День назад
Next time try to choose someone who’s not 4feet 10
NighTWolF День назад
Anybody else would even pay money to have such a training course avaiable?
Kai Kaiser
Kai Kaiser День назад
BWQK1 День назад
she's so tiny! she would have KILLED with an extra few inches
K Gehringer
K Gehringer 11 часов назад
a lot of us would like to help her out with some inches
britta wolker
britta wolker День назад
Riku Soikkeli
Riku Soikkeli День назад
I'm sure that how the Marines treat Katelyn, it's completely normal from where they are. But to a Finnish male, this looks like how you treat a small child, not an adult. I guess there's all sorts of cultures in this big world, right? :)
Isabel Guara
Isabel Guara День назад
Okey si me dolió cada una de sus caídas :'v
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes День назад
What's funny about this. He's not a grunt. Eas'd Navy "doc" btw.
Mar G69
Mar G69 День назад
Fucken captain america
Kbear2097 День назад
I’m out of breath from just watching this...
Joseph Darden
Joseph Darden День назад
She smol
Charles Douglas
Charles Douglas День назад
Tha marine big asf
Finlay Belham
Finlay Belham День назад
She can do it it's just because she short and some of the obstacles are high
AJ & Gunter
AJ & Gunter День назад
theses kind of challenges are way more real than if someone were to practice it 200 times. Those American Ninja warriors are nothing compared to real athletes like her
KekePfan16 День назад
Is the guy in the black single? 😍
HaileyInTheBuilding День назад
I would love to do this but the height advantageee
Claire Griffith
Claire Griffith День назад
There taller not fair lol 😂
Renan Garzon
Renan Garzon День назад
She was giving help. I'm sure, that if she was told that she needed to complete that obstacle course without it. She would eventually complete that course without any help.
Opaw 2 дня назад
Im a simple guy, I see a camel I click.
Angel & Twin's TV
Angel & Twin's TV 2 дня назад
Wow amazing
Kevin Lomax
Kevin Lomax 2 дня назад
Josh is a cocky son of a gun...
Tommy Skjærvik
Tommy Skjærvik 2 дня назад
Man she 147 cm tall
William Vasquez
William Vasquez 2 дня назад
She looks like Tiger Woods’ little sister!
Pabloscparkour 2 дня назад
parkour people will agree there is a better way to get over all the obstacles shown, to me it just hurts watching this, also the military guy looks stong but not so much when climbing the rope
cabeza de coco
cabeza de coco 2 дня назад
ala vergaaa a poco a así entrenan los marines estadounidenses
B. J.H.
B. J.H. 2 дня назад
Josh is hot. Plain and simple.
Sebastián Luengo
Sebastián Luengo 2 дня назад
one of best Brazzers intros
Edithnfran Pendell
Edithnfran Pendell 2 дня назад
Quick reminder: she's 4'10. WOW.
Azgaar 2 дня назад
For a small person, she did really good
la racontarde
la racontarde 2 дня назад
139.999 likes Me: 140.000 likes I likeeeee ittt
starwrs34 2 дня назад
Bruh that dude...
jukijunk 2 дня назад
I did all this when I was a kid at the playground.
Emelhy Martinez
Emelhy Martinez 2 дня назад
I'm tired for her lol but she did her shit thoooooo
J H 2 дня назад
I would have snapped 3 ankles. And I only have 2.
omel7 3 дня назад
I love her! 💙
Chuang Emily
Chuang Emily 3 дня назад
judith juu
judith juu 3 дня назад
She was amazing, but Josh... Damn, it looked like he could do that in his sleep
Alasdair Carstairs
Alasdair Carstairs 3 дня назад
I’m just watching this hoping she doesn’t injure herself, I feel like these guys are way too complacent as assault course instructors. This woman is an athlete, one small injury could really set her back
shrek День назад
I heard that she is retired as an athlete But im not really sure.
Dosing Psychedelics
Dosing Psychedelics 3 дня назад
That is one fat moose knuckle in the thumbnail 👄
Taide 3 дня назад
I feel the two guys sound so condescending.. I am aggravated.
Enrique flores Pérez
Enrique flores Pérez 3 дня назад
moneybagg yo
craig bjork
craig bjork 3 дня назад
Knew it was gonna be a problem from the start only because of her height. If she was taller or course was fit to size, she would wreck it.
Tina 3 дня назад
She did a great job. It was really difficult for her cause she's to small for this pacour. :D
Namuyomba Petrina
Namuyomba Petrina 3 дня назад
The woman is too short ,but she can do it
Riftwake 3 дня назад
"I'm glad you demonstrated that before me, I haven't done this one in awhile" *proceeds to massacre the obstacle with gigantic biceps and then flip over backwards*
Hammadasian 3 дня назад
Waste of mind
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch 3 дня назад
I don't know what it was about UCLA. I went out with a lot of girls who were short. I got a lot of crap for it too. Everyone would ask, "Why are you dating a 13 yo?". I'd reply, "She's not 13. check out her drivers license." 4'10 I believe is legally handicapped. My last girlfriend had to sit on books to drive.
Sofia Flory
Sofia Flory 3 дня назад
Does anyone recognize this course from the Stokes Twins video?
Kay Grazette
Kay Grazette 3 дня назад
She did well. Beautiful.Josh is beautiful as well.
Dorvalino salvador de souza neto
Dorvalino salvador de souza neto 3 дня назад
I liked
kadin hendrickson
kadin hendrickson 3 дня назад
Aaron Valdes
Aaron Valdes 3 дня назад
She is awesome.
Christ Munzenmayer
Christ Munzenmayer 3 дня назад
She did it great, everything is made for tall men
richard reid
richard reid 3 дня назад
she did really good. for those of you who havent tried the O course, it looks way easier than it actually is
Lucie 4 дня назад
I felt a little uncomfortable this whole video idk why Btw she did a great job !!!!
Mike C
Mike C 4 дня назад
the average woman has a 30% of the upper body strength of the average man, and 55% of the lower body strength. to put it the other way, the average man's upper body is 3.33 times as strong as the average woman's, and 1.82 times the lower body strength.
kim yuyi
kim yuyi 4 дня назад
Like 👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍
Åke Stenfors
Åke Stenfors 4 дня назад
Katelyn would have been great if it was made for women.
Ourumov1 4 дня назад
That land on her back and the way her arms jarred to break the fall freaked me out. Good on her for brushing it off.
Chidi Akara
Chidi Akara 4 дня назад
I'm 5"8' and this thing killed me. For someone 5 foot-ish to hit this is solid.
Andrea Yolotzi
Andrea Yolotzi 4 дня назад
Esperaba más de una gimnasta
Emily Cobb
Emily Cobb 4 дня назад
Y'all should go watch some of her gymnastic videos, they're mind blowing!!
TheCarlScharnberg 4 дня назад
I know it comes from a good place, but I wish they wouldn't patronize her. She's an accomplished athlete and a grown woman, it's not needed. The only real problem here was that she was her height, other than that she did great - especially considering the fact that she's retired.
Justamie 17
Justamie 17 4 дня назад
She’s so good the only problems she had was her height it wasn’t her strength or determination as she had that it was just her height
Josh C
Josh C 4 дня назад
You should get Patrick Mahomes or some current athletes to do it! Once its safe of course,
Könige-Tochter Ü.
Könige-Tochter Ü. 4 дня назад
Such fine specimens of humanity 😍
Veena Singh
Veena Singh 4 дня назад
He'll Only 17. He's Done Pretty. See what happens when people have freedom?
Tom De Backer
Tom De Backer 4 дня назад
There are a lot of parkour techniques that the three people in this video could benefit from.
fede clares
fede clares 4 дня назад
0:57 there you have the proof Josh is from the fire nation
Sàûråbh Ñäîk
Sàûråbh Ñäîk 5 дней назад
wt the hell are his arms bruhh? freakin massive!!
Oogey Boogey
Oogey Boogey 5 дней назад
Pffffffft she's wack, there are people out there like Goggins doing actual hard shit
Billie Burgess
Billie Burgess 5 дней назад
nadiyah abdul-khaliq
nadiyah abdul-khaliq 5 дней назад
Practice run? No, sir. This is the run. I'm only doing this shit once.
Marzena Eh
Marzena Eh 5 дней назад
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 5 дней назад
UCLA Athletics represent!
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