How Much Money I Make Per Month from YouTube

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Austen Alexander

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Showing how much money I earn from RUrun each month and taking a dive into my youTube analytics!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

George Washington
George Washington Год назад
i clicked so fast
Maria Edwards
Maria Edwards 6 месяцев назад
@John James i didn't understand any of what you said but 1. chill 2. i agree that crossfitters do think they're better than athletes when they're not im a cadet can't relate to what you said
Shiauyena shi
Shiauyena shi 11 месяцев назад
@Austen Alexander 나는 생각이 끝나지 않았다, 당신은 전화 형제에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까 lol
Shiauyena shi
Shiauyena shi 11 месяцев назад
@Austen Alexander I call you brother because you are older than me, that's more polite, don't mean what I mean, if you don't want to be called brother or anything 👍🙏
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 11 месяцев назад
Shiauyena shi no it just gets annoying. And stop calling me brother
Shiauyena shi
Shiauyena shi 11 месяцев назад
@Austen Alexander Block me too, brother 😊😊
wandy morales
wandy morales Месяц назад
Austen you are looking sharp strong arms i love your profile picture looking good very handsome man i love you 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚🙏🙏👄👄👄👄
Kati Balla
Kati Balla Месяц назад
You inspire&motivate me EVERY day✨! Thank u so much ❤️.
Migi Sanses
Migi Sanses 2 месяца назад
Mousy Leigh
Mousy Leigh 4 месяца назад
Thanks for this!!!! I’ll be getting my first adsense check next month. I’m so excited you can really make money doing this! Congrats on your channel growth.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 4 месяца назад
Congrats! That’s the hardest part, getting those initial hours and subscribers. Best of luck!
Gilberto Infante
Gilberto Infante 5 месяцев назад
I was stationed at MCAGCC 29 Palms from 2013 to 2017 and would take family trips to Palm Springs all the time.
alyssa leanne
alyssa leanne 6 месяцев назад
How does your CPM go up? Are there things you can do to make it go up?
legend USAIN BOLT motivation
legend USAIN BOLT motivation 6 месяцев назад
Tell me your height
Tatterlake 6651
Tatterlake 6651 6 месяцев назад
i live in plam springs:D
Maria Edwards
Maria Edwards 6 месяцев назад
how do you actually earn money from youtube like i have a channel but how do you get the money
Daniel Erickson
Daniel Erickson 7 месяцев назад
Bro this is crazy ur like the only person willing to inform people on this but just image how much people make with like a mil subs(Ik subs don’t matter) but that’s means more views essentially
Minni 7 месяцев назад
I love Your transparency and honesty. I am a dedicated New fan of Austen Alexander❣ Wish you abundance and happiness for a life time💗🌼
walter906_ffg 7 месяцев назад
Possibly the only content creator I've ever seen show their true revenue stats
celi nee
celi nee 7 месяцев назад
Good luck for you 👍🏻🍀💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻✌🏼
Endless Value
Endless Value 8 месяцев назад
im so glad im in finance :D
John Alex
John Alex 8 месяцев назад
I am blessed as are now able to generate $5443 because of this site here: *Fun Online Work .c o m*
OGPtech 8 месяцев назад
Good video!
Lornamae Deroma
Lornamae Deroma 8 месяцев назад
Austen sir I love you
Viking Traveler
Viking Traveler 8 месяцев назад
Your RUrun channel has really grown fast!
Koanta Mukua
Koanta Mukua 8 месяцев назад
I have to say I am a little suspicious when Google reports that RUrun isn't making any money for them, that they are actually costing them money. Or making nothing significant, if that is correct. And that is supposedly why RUrun is trying to demonetize channels like Parkour channels and others, so it becomes a more "family friendly" , which is a myth in itself, as well as any channel being responsible for ad strikes, like pewdiepie. RUrun continues to make millions. But they seem to like to make it public TV.
Koanta Mukua
Koanta Mukua 8 месяцев назад
They used to have it that you could immediately start earning revenue, no matter how few subscribers, and how few views. It would be a tiny amount of course, during that period, I made a total of $19. Which even that, they didn't pay, because they won't until you get at least $100 But then they changed that. I was informed I was no longer eligible for monetization because I had less than ten thousand, lifetime views. So new channels no longer have even a little support while they grow. RUrun sends reports to Google, "See, we are saving money." Which isn't even enough for pocket change to them.
singing4hope 8 месяцев назад
You're so transparent to your subscribers. I was just googling your net worth and you answered this in your video. lmao
Sasha Sauber
Sasha Sauber 9 месяцев назад
I wonder how much he makes from ads and sponsorships. Probably a fool ton.
Jorge Solis
Jorge Solis 9 месяцев назад
Very cool video! Thanks for the transparency!
emngee 9 месяцев назад
21 people don’t make money on RUrun
Rosenberg 9 месяцев назад
You have a good side-hustle going there for you Austen. From some of your other videos, I'm impressed at how resourceful you are at saving money and being frugal when needed. Appreciated this video a lot, as it's always been a mystery to me how RUrunr's make revenue. Question - do we have to watch entire video or ad in order for you to earn any revenue?
Positive vibes
Positive vibes 4 месяца назад
The AD’s yes 100% but the whole video I believe so ❤️❤️
mike reyes
mike reyes 10 месяцев назад
You need to add more ads because I heard it helps with increasing CPM.
Kugel 10 месяцев назад
such a Daddy ughhh mmmm
Gilbert Cervantes
Gilbert Cervantes 10 месяцев назад
Mauro Canedo
Mauro Canedo 10 месяцев назад
Just to add: CPM varies incredibly according to your audience's country. US pays big compared to some others.
Saral 10 месяцев назад
whoa this video is actually a well defined masterpiece for beginners. really helpful
Sigkim 10 месяцев назад
70's NBA players : Why the long pants bro?????
Urban Outdoorsman
Urban Outdoorsman 10 месяцев назад
The key is to do youtube content you love to do..not what you think people will love. The money will get there
Augusto Sanz
Augusto Sanz 10 месяцев назад
I always wanted to do youtube mainly to voice my opinion and stuff but i never managed to learn editing, do you have any place or website you'd recommend an absolute started like me to look into?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 10 месяцев назад
Yes! Peter McKinnon on RUrun
God 10 месяцев назад
This is kool
Man On Mission
Man On Mission 11 месяцев назад
Respect man for your honesty😎💯 keep up the good work❤ Love from India brother
Ramon Solorio
Ramon Solorio 11 месяцев назад
hi, the shorts link doesn't seem to be working right now. thanks!
0blivious 11 месяцев назад
That was pretty cool of you to put this out. Gonna let them autoplay for ya.I'll hit like when I'm passing by. Hooya my kids in Okinawa right now she's a corpsman...
David Pang
David Pang 11 месяцев назад
Congrats. Once i started making more money from my E-commerce business and royalties, then when i realize i will not be re-enlisting in the Army. Good luck
Patrick Muston
Patrick Muston 11 месяцев назад
Thanks for always keeping it real. Very informative and always wanted to know this. Be blessed bro!
Jason Bollman
Jason Bollman 11 месяцев назад
Thanks for the honest look into what can be accomplished with RUrun as a business. Keep up the good work!
txturbo930 11 месяцев назад
Thanks for sharing this. Nice to see an honest recap of what's possible. Keep up the good work!
Simpler Trader
Simpler Trader 11 месяцев назад
Hey Great video, its crazy how CPM varies from channel to channel, my CPM is so much higher, I wonder if its based on content
scorpiooooh 11 месяцев назад
How does your expense (time to record/edit, equipment and travel) offset your profit?
lil mrs. sprinkle
lil mrs. sprinkle 11 месяцев назад
See... Damn good fincial advice. Makes me wanna be a youtuber. But heres a question, can you add the money you make from youtube so you can claim it on taxes AND how.. THIS can also be another video you upload.
lil mrs. sprinkle
lil mrs. sprinkle 11 месяцев назад
Cody Thrive can you add dependants to the youtube taxes? And the costs of camming equipment? Just a few things anyone would want to know before becoming a youtuber. Never really seen a youtuber tax upload.
Cody Thrive
Cody Thrive 11 месяцев назад
lil mrs. sprinkle it would be illegal to not claim the RUrun income on your taxes
Young Tips
Young Tips 11 месяцев назад
if he makes 5k with only 100k subs imagine those people with 10m + subs :o
LifeOfChanny 11 месяцев назад
Thank you for this! I’m a smaller military youtuber and of course my ultimate goal is to be monetized as well.
Aaron 11 месяцев назад
RobMob OC 2A
RobMob OC 2A 11 месяцев назад
Bro we live literally down the street from each other. Would love to sit down with you for help with my channel and cleaning it up.
A. Pimentel
A. Pimentel 11 месяцев назад
Your welcome haha
rafael barragan
rafael barragan 11 месяцев назад
You are honestly cold af bro
Jake Broe
Jake Broe 11 месяцев назад
Graham's video was making more because he has mid-roll ads. If you put full ads on the beginning, end, and midroll of a 10+ minute video, you will earn triple. That 1.5 million view video you had looked like it was only 4 minutes long, that's part of the equation.
Endless Value
Endless Value 11 месяцев назад
Excellent video!
wakeupscreaming 11 месяцев назад
You can make money on RUrun, unless you say things they don't like, which then they'll shadow ban you, demonetize and ban outright. It's like doing business with the Nazis.
Al Orange
Al Orange 11 месяцев назад
Austin... it was great working with you on the same project. Nice hotel by the way. 🤨
Diane Irish Dizon
Diane Irish Dizon 11 месяцев назад
Hello Sir, I have irrelevant question hope you notice my comment. I would like to ask.. As for US Navy charges about damaging equipment. I am hoping I can get answer here. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Braden Heuring
Braden Heuring 11 месяцев назад
Anybody know what watch he’s got?
Moist_Money 11 месяцев назад
how does this video not have 100mil views already? Nobody talks about this on here and this dude just exposed it all. I wish you all the success in your future and thank you for your service.
Harry Kuheim
Harry Kuheim 11 месяцев назад
They must get paid by the Minute...Every channel has a long-winded rambling intro and then some theme Music now...1:52 on this an Ad until 2:37
JM Osnafni
JM Osnafni 11 месяцев назад
Can a Filipino like me can become a usarmy?
A C 11 месяцев назад
Please don't offence, but you probably could make more as a lady pleaser, you sexy devil.
dominic alvarado
dominic alvarado 11 месяцев назад
Graham stephan ahh yes the guy who never went to college and made it big. I do belive one of his tips for passive income was tk do youtube, love this guy make me want to invest in real estate. Got to got to the Navy first of course. We will not stop watching make more videos.👍
Josue Charlenord
Josue Charlenord 11 месяцев назад
“This pays me more than the navy does”😂😂😂 straight facts
Jason 11 месяцев назад
Yooo Austen u on news
Greg M
Greg M 11 месяцев назад
Very interesting.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 11 месяцев назад
What video editing software do you use?
oxcart19 11 месяцев назад
Thanks for this video. Very interesting. I just found your channel and will check out your other videos .
J Picache
J Picache 11 месяцев назад
Very informative, thanks shipmate!
Austen Alexander is there any tips for a person starting out on workouts
Gaz 11 месяцев назад
@CROSSFIT WOD'S anytime man
CROSSFIT WOD'S 11 месяцев назад
@Gaz tkx man
Gaz 11 месяцев назад
@CROSSFIT WOD'S well gl bro I wish u all the best
CROSSFIT WOD'S 11 месяцев назад
@Gaz thanks im making vlogs of my workouts
Gaz 11 месяцев назад
Be consistent
Enya Azrael
Enya Azrael Год назад
Anyone want to support I’ll subscribe to anyone who subscribe to my channel😘
Tyler Goodrow
Tyler Goodrow Год назад
Hey man, I applaud you for actually delving into your RUrun earnings and showing true to you figures. Most shy away from topics related to it. Keep on keeping on man🤙🏼
Mel W
Mel W Год назад
Hi Austen, love your videos. Totally unrelated, but is there any way that medical professionals can volunteer our services in/near the war zones or is that not a thing?
EdwinTheFluffy Год назад
@AustenAlexander - what wireless mic do you use for some of the other videos? Do they by chance work with dslr cameras?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+EdwinTheFluffy yes they do! I use a Rode Wireless GO mic
Ray w
Ray w Год назад
say there Shipmate ( I retired back in 2012, was mostly amphib, but spent time with a Seal Beach unit, was IBU-16 then), I was researching this couple months ago and looking get in on it as supplemental income. Since your in PS, looking for a property to relax in, have my property for sale in Yucca Valley, here's link to it. maybe you can subscribe as I am to yours.
U H Год назад
If my legs looked like tree trunks, I'd also like short shorts
Sigkim 10 месяцев назад
Theres a "prepper nurse", who has done relief work around the world and she said, one of the first things to go in a disaster, is peoples cheap commercial clothing. Knees go, then the seat, and then short pants, and then....Who wears short shorts???? U H
resIPSA Год назад
Money in your pocket Mr. Alexander
Sammy Smith
Sammy Smith Год назад
Cost per mil is cost per 1000
david eubank
david eubank Год назад
Your a good youtuber bro don’t let the haters get to you keep it up man
Alvin the Director
Alvin the Director Год назад
I really enjoyed this video man. As a military RUrunr myself, I’m fascinated by your work and your drive for success. This video teaches more than just how to make money on RUrun. It puts an emphasis on the importance of passive income and how you can have multiple streams of income. I hope you post more videos similar to this!
Janet Graham
Janet Graham Год назад
Thank you for sharing and being so real about this topic.
goongtod Год назад
Very informative! Thanks brother and keep up the good work! I also found out that we both know MA2 Stewart, we're in the same unit!
Liz Frusher
Liz Frusher Год назад
Been tossing around the idea of trying to actually be a youtuber and this helps me out! I’m just trying to decide what content I want to put out and how to go about filming and equipment. I have basically no experience. 😂
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Год назад
Love the honesty and transparency 💪🏻
Issac_404 Год назад
Hey I want to be an MAA in the navy can I ask you some questions
George Socamir
George Socamir Год назад
I don't like watching advertizements but the way you explained how RUrun makes money from ads and how RUrun pays the RUrun video creators like you, I will never skip ads anymore as my act of support to the channels I am subcribing. BTW, I am curious to know if turning off the comment section affects the RUrunr's earning because I see some channels that people cannot write their comment. Any idea? Thanks ~your subscriber
Anne J
Anne J Год назад
Great video really appreciate it, I'm thinking of starting my own channel after I join the navy. But for right now I'm just preping my self and coming up with some ideas until then.
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein Год назад
Awesome dude!!! I want to be like you!! 🤙🤙🤙
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein Год назад
@Austen Alexander Working on a video as we speak!!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
Time to get the YT rolling!!
TheBlackKnight Год назад
The opening looks like the chase scene location of Terminator 2.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+TheBlackKnight I actually think it was...Joshua Tree
abhilash abhi
abhilash abhi Год назад
Really got no words this has changed my life
eugene gohn
eugene gohn Год назад
I live in Yucca Valley. By 29
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+eugene gohn small world!
laura kamau
laura kamau Год назад
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Rubina Begum
Rubina Begum Год назад
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sravani smiley Год назад
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Chip Spencer
Chip Spencer Год назад
Thanks for the lesson.
Rian Год назад
Imagine RUrunrs make per month with 23 million subscribers. How do You Tubers oversea in China get paid?
The Model Sailor
The Model Sailor Год назад
Yassss so raw with the info 🤘🏻
Alexander Год назад
Hey guy thanks for all you do and your motivation you give us.🗣🧗‍♂️🏋🚴🤾
Chucky Wright
Chucky Wright Год назад
informative! just waiting on my youtube email so i can start earning
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