I'm dropping out of the bodybuilding show...

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Austen Alexander

Год назад

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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

wandy morales
wandy morales 2 месяца назад
Austen i am sorry for your loss of your dad 😢🙏🙏🙏🙏 I am always praying for you and your beautiful family amen
kristal ann Wahpoosywan
kristal ann Wahpoosywan 2 месяца назад
I have cancer stage 4 throat and thyroid cancer started radiation steroids meds shots yes its very tiring i do it every day i put it back of my mind try to keep it secret for weeks i started losing my long hair im have 10 illness life isnt easy every day i use a walker i use a wheelchair for every day life im started chemotherapy sept 15 2020 im bit terrified me what is next for me not sure yet more surgerys i had 125 so far im am 42 bday is oct 24 2020 praying that i get better but now it's my heart 4 holes port they put in my chest sept 15 im trying stay strong for my husband and for our boy look after him lost his dad past away in dec 19. What next is more surgerys out come i not really sure i had my eyes lasic surgerys last week 7 times i am now legally am blind i had to accept it to do my house work cooking i had to learn my house feel around its been quit the challenges to get use too my vision is bad worser i need prayers for next open heart surgery sept 15 im am only 42 bit scared yes. Its everyday ife i try my best to move on be more happier been so hard journey get thru every day life
Ирина Ужокина
Ирина Ужокина 2 месяца назад
Супер ролик
מיכאל מרטין בנדיקטוס
מיכאל מרטין בנדיקטוס 4 месяца назад
I really think this is the right thing
Eva Tirador
Eva Tirador 5 месяцев назад
celi nee
celi nee 7 месяцев назад
God with You Austen Alexander we love You 🥰🙏🏼
IAnn Catlett
IAnn Catlett 11 месяцев назад
Praying for you and your family!
prankmonkey650 Год назад
I scaled back my career when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the best thing I did. Family first, I got to spend time, and get to be there the last few months. Take care of yourself.
Johnathan B
Johnathan B Год назад
"cop" lifting weights...serving and protecting the floors of the gym.
Jake Gatica
Jake Gatica Год назад
Priorities brother👍
Mark Masters
Mark Masters Год назад
Sorry for the bad news, thoughts and prayers to your family.
Jordan King
Jordan King Год назад
Sorry to hear man , hope your friend and your dad make full recoveries . Keep your head up and roll tide .
Crafty Legion
Crafty Legion Год назад
Much support Austen, Prayers for you Family.
Jerome Dingle
Jerome Dingle Год назад
No need to apologize, do what you believe is important! And I hope everything gets better.
Ben Logan
Ben Logan Год назад
Stay strong 💪 Austin family and friends first the there will always be a gym mate enjoy the remaining time with what is really important you are a true hero thank you fir your service and inspiration I’m an Aussie love both home and Texas lol 😂
Saige Teague
Saige Teague Год назад
Family first...respect that! And you are a great influencer thanks
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Saige Teague thank you!
alamode Год назад
I only found your channel a few weeks ago, you've got interesting content. I was looking forward to seeing how the competition went although family comes first - you can always do another show some other time. As someone who lost their dad several years ago - I can say you will never regret the decision to spend more time with him.
George Z
George Z Год назад
Bro don't feel obligated to share this crap with anyone. You do you and take care of yourself man and if that means shutting down or whatever then do it. There's no good way to do this you just have to do you man. Be well.
Lost_In_Blank Год назад
Sending you, your old friend, and your dad my best thoughts and energy. Stay safe and stay grounded. Nobody can tell another person how to grieve, but I feel most of us would be doing what you are doing in your place. As a Canadian I'd like to say, you're an excellent person, a credit to your parents, your community, your service and your country. Your colleagues, friends and family are fortunate to have you in their lives.
Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil Год назад
God be with you and your family and friends, he will take care of all.
will Shaw
will Shaw Год назад
Good man!!
Z RapidFire
Z RapidFire Год назад
You made the right call.. a good friend of mine made bodybuilding his life and lost a lot of great memories because of it.. he tells me, he misses it but his family and everything should come first, yes taking care of ourselves is amazing but when it becomes more than just a hobby it can ruin many things. Enjoy your leave MA2. See you in the next one
Thanisha Mitchell
Thanisha Mitchell Год назад
Praying for your friend and dad.
Branden's Outdoor Channel
Branden's Outdoor Channel Год назад
Family and friends first
lil boats tv
lil boats tv Год назад
hope all goes well with your dad and friend
Charmayne King
Charmayne King Год назад
We're here for you tough guy. Do what feels right. Friends and Family come first.
next Год назад
Austen you should check out Thomas DeLauer on youtube. I feel like you could benefit from his knowledge.
Jump_Start Год назад
We support you
dave wenzel
dave wenzel Год назад
family and friends first!
The truth of Jesus Christ
The truth of Jesus Christ Год назад
rurun.info/zone/video/lKtso36blblrop8 Truth of jesus christ in islam
Tema Travis
Tema Travis Год назад
God bless you, your best friend, and your dad. You’re doing the right thing buddy. Family is always first. Your viewers love you, care about you and will be here for you when you need us. Especially this momma. I’ve been through what you are going through. One thing I will tell you is we can never get back the time and the moments we could potentially miss. Safe travels this family is sending love and prayers to you, Sarah and your family.
Thomas Connell
Thomas Connell Год назад
Proud of you brother! Always support you man!!!
Tenzin Thinlley
Tenzin Thinlley Год назад
Respect brother!!! Stay strong!
Jeff Keeth
Jeff Keeth Год назад
Austen, you only have 1 family and only a handful of really close friends. You are making the best decision right now. You are young, you have a lifetime ahead of you to pursue your bodybuilding goals.
Miriam Vivo
Miriam Vivo Год назад
Family is always numero uno. Its all good best of luck with your pops and queridos
Becky Harris
Becky Harris Год назад
We are praying for all the situations at home Austen. Got blocked on IG and sorry if I did anything that caused you to do that. Would never want to do anything to disrespect you or Sara. Anyway, we are praying. God Bless!
Echo Sierra
Echo Sierra Год назад
Seriously consider having Lyme disease rule out....that will not be a simple task. Best wishes, prayers to y'all! You are helping many motive to improve quality of life.
Onyx Lily
Onyx Lily Год назад
My sister was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins almost 30 years ago. She did chemo and got over it all. She is still around nagging me. Keep your faith and stay strong 💚 (PS: I thought you were older. You always sound so sensible and well grounded. Your family must be really proud of you.)
shawnaimus Год назад
sending you and your family and friend love and healing!
the morning star
the morning star Год назад
You are literally one of the most amazing guys here on youtube. Take care of your family or the people who you love first man . You and your wellbeing should always come first brother. We all Support you !!!!
playstation 4 gaming Soul
playstation 4 gaming Soul Год назад
You are truly an amazing human being inside and out. I totally support you man !!!
ELaine Downes
ELaine Downes Год назад
You did the best thing for you. Hope everyone does well. It takes a strong man to step up and support your friends and family. Big respect!!
Kyle Warner
Kyle Warner Год назад
What part of Alabama are you from Alexander? Roll tide. From a fellow serviceman stay strong. And keep with the good fight.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Kyle Warner I’m from Florence!! Thank you sir!!
Dilmunian Год назад
are you still in bahrain?
Seraph Starman
Seraph Starman Год назад
Do what you have to do ! Would hate for you to have any regrets. Next show youll be even bigger and better.
Jolie Sock
Jolie Sock Год назад
It's understandable what you decided to do. You have a tender, loving heart for your family and friends.
OspreyBravo18 Год назад
Sorry to hear man, hope things turn out alright.
Chris 7
Chris 7 Год назад
You should not feel guilty or be down about not competing. Your making the right choice putting others before yourself
Justyna Buniowska-Mate
Justyna Buniowska-Mate Год назад
you made the right decision Austen, hang in there.
Jose Reynoso
Jose Reynoso Год назад
Its alright brodie, take care of yourself and your loved ones first!
Jena Merryman
Jena Merryman Год назад
This is the 3rd video I have watched of yours. I respect your priorities and feel they are spot on. I was a fan before. I am a super fan now- and will follow you with more heart. Because of how you listened to yours. Strength comes in all forms.
Bobbi Minton
Bobbi Minton Год назад
That’s for your service and prayers for your friend and your day god bless keep your head up stay positive
SFSomega Год назад
I hope your family and friend will be okay and I wish them all the best and a quick recovery.
Luke Frazho
Luke Frazho Год назад
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Shwaun Dizayee
Shwaun Dizayee Год назад
For God Country Family we do what we do. Stay strong brother. Keep pounding them weights!
ChatSoAlpha Год назад
Stay prayed up bro ✊🏿🙏🏿
ABC 123
ABC 123 Год назад
Family and friends are infinitely more important than the show. There's another time for that. What matters is being with those you love and letting them know that you stand with them. I'm praying for them and for you.
Labella Год назад
Honesty, you're down to earth you tuber. Subscribed. :)
Fastrada Год назад
Can I Meet you one day Im an MMFR Ik C School right now lol
TIER zero
TIER zero Год назад
You already know what to do brother, take care of those you love FIRST. HOOYAH!!
Frank De Rudder
Frank De Rudder Год назад
This is one of your followers from Belgium , i just wanted to say to you that we are alle the way behind you bro. Keep up the Good work and hang tough !. Pur prayers are out to your loved once.🙏🏻
TheGiantfox Год назад
Much respect bro. Life can hit hard sometimes but you gotta stay strong. Stay up
Michel David
Michel David Год назад
We support you brother! Family and Friends are everything! This ole Seabee is praying for you and your loved ones!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Michael David I appreciate it a lot Michael
Donna Rosenlieb
Donna Rosenlieb Год назад
Oh man, tuff haul, one day at a time, take care of your family. Every thing else will fall into place in due time. Safe travel home, to family, that’s all that matters.
Kenneth Alexander
Kenneth Alexander Год назад
What are kodiac cakes ?
Iswim100everything Год назад
Nawh dude. Do you. Family first
Glitter Fairy
Glitter Fairy Год назад
Prayers to all your loved ones. 🙏
Glitter Fairy
Glitter Fairy Год назад
Praying for your dad and friend. 🙏
Woo Loo
Woo Loo Год назад
Hi. man. Take it easy. And all my life so far, I have been dealing with negatives... sometimes , it is just take it in, but still do other main things.
JabarikJay Год назад
You aren’t the only one who does that. I use the gym to escape from my problems and to work through them. Sending prayers my brother!
Uncle Helly
Uncle Helly Год назад
Good decision Austen. You can always go back (harder) to compete. All the best to your pops and friend.
Dave Lara
Dave Lara Год назад
I get it.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Год назад
Respect 💯
chandi015 d
chandi015 d Год назад
No worries n no fancy shots needed. Take care of urself n ur loved ones that is huge n matters the most.
Mohamed Sakr
Mohamed Sakr Год назад
always family first. you did the right thing
Q_Patriot Peter
Q_Patriot Peter Год назад
You're very mature and selfless for your age. Bravo.
John Reed
John Reed Год назад
You will never regret making the decision you did. If you did anything other than be there for family and friends you will would regret it for the rest of your life.
Abraham Garcia
Abraham Garcia Год назад
Mad respect bro family comes first!!!! Stay strong 💪🏼
Rebecca Jacobson
Rebecca Jacobson Год назад
Sending nothing but respect, love and support your way 🙌
LaDonna Hunsinger
LaDonna Hunsinger Год назад
Austen it’s ok we are here to support you through it all! Appreciate all your time that you put into the awesome videos that I enjoy watching. I have learned a lot from them. Stopping a goal for now is ok to do, family and friends in need are a priority and now is when we your subscribers need to uplift you! Chin up and will always look forward to your next video! Keeping y’all in my prayers! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Taay_ Thegreat
Taay_ Thegreat Год назад
You’re awesome 👏🏻 prayers and good vibes to your family and friends
Glen Dlugach
Glen Dlugach Год назад
Austen, I am praying for your dad and Ariel. I will also pray for you, your family and Ariel's too. Stay strong brother.
jFrayGaming Год назад
Plenty of other shows in the future for you like you said. Take care of the people in your circle first. That will mean more to you at the end of the day then anything else.
Katie Stancer
Katie Stancer Год назад
Sending prayers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 proud of your decision!! It’s difficult to face reality and pain! Your not alone in that, but glad you’ve faced it and willing to sacrifice, to give the attention and support your loved ones need.
Caleb Hundley
Caleb Hundley Год назад
Good for you
Rob Falconer
Rob Falconer Год назад
hey man family first bro
Rae Valdes
Rae Valdes Год назад
My condolences i also got news that my friend a week ago was told he had stage three lung cancer and it still is hard to process so stay positive and have faith.
NavySeal Sev
NavySeal Sev Год назад
Praying for your friends and family
Han Nguyen
Han Nguyen Год назад
Family and friends are always first. You made the best choice. :) I hope you and your family and friends get better.
Missy E
Missy E Год назад
I'm so sorry, praying for your friend and your dad. 💜
M Anderson
M Anderson Год назад
Take 4 minutes and explain your situation and no bs involved. Love it.
Brennen Richards
Brennen Richards Год назад
I’m sorry man. Life sucks sometimes. I will definitely send prayers.
Peyton Griffith
Peyton Griffith Год назад
Love you bro you are one of my romodels. You made me want to join the navy family first and praying for you family
Wade Год назад
All support bro it’s all in gods hands prayer from here
Keith Mielewski
Keith Mielewski Год назад
Keep your head up. All love and prayers from VA.
Euston Euwan
Euston Euwan Год назад
👍Thumbs up for u Sir Austen. Stay humble and Godbless.😊
Irma Puerta
Irma Puerta Год назад
Blessings your father. Waterever he has i hope he get better and everything went well for you✋👊
Jared Barthel
Jared Barthel Год назад
Things are expendable, People aren’t
Nic Waggoner
Nic Waggoner Год назад
Whoever disliked this... why?
Onyx Lily
Onyx Lily Год назад
Maybe that's their only opportunity to stand out.
Youngiizzy 44
Youngiizzy 44 Год назад
You got my thoughts and prayers for your father and friend I couldn’t imagine going through that but you always have people here on RUrun or social media to support. Hope everything goes well!
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