Lifting with the STRONGEST Tested Female Powerlifter in the WORLD | Austin, Texas

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Austen Alexander

Год назад

Came to Austin, Texas with Team BPN to lift and capture content with some world record powerlifters.
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Rodrigo Cus
Rodrigo Cus 14 дней назад
"Tested" JAJAJA
pqikwe 2 месяца назад
Jesus loves you
Tumtum 2964
Tumtum 2964 2 месяца назад
David Ivey
David Ivey 4 месяца назад
Dude, it would be very cool & entertaining to see you do some stuff with some of the world's strongest man RUrunrs like Brian Shaw, Eddie "the beast" Hall & Robert Oberst, maybe challenge them to some obstacle course stuff & you could do some powerlifting with them or something like that
Connor 4 месяца назад
yeah but i can out bench her bro. leg day is a hoax anyway
daddyrichten 4 месяца назад
Her dad is probably Brian Shaw or some other guy who squats 700lbs with no training.
maorange1 4 месяца назад
Ahhhhh Nava then one who has Made me want to be a Marine
DeadBoy Walking
DeadBoy Walking 4 месяца назад
Nick has been on steroids a long time. Now he’s training ironman with the look of a bodybuilder. Ive been using for 11 years I can spot a fellow user a mile away. Check his stats btw
Filou Tarmin
Filou Tarmin 4 месяца назад
99% AMERICAN are with roid
John-Galt 4 месяца назад
I’m so hard watching her.
Christian Dinero
Christian Dinero 4 месяца назад
Nick bare is a boss
Duke Demille
Duke Demille 4 месяца назад
I’m here at 35 years old watching a woman squat 515 lbs while I’m dying of pain from squatting 205 lbs 😢
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666 11 дней назад
you need more roids like the gurl from the video that can‘t squat deep
Filou Tarmin
Filou Tarmin 4 месяца назад
she don't eat the same that you ;)
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts 4 месяца назад
OMG the female power lifter is gorgeous and has the cutest giggle I've ever heard 😍😁😁😁
Guy 4 месяца назад
Oh yeah? Ronnie Coleman was tested too.... lmao
Justin Doig
Justin Doig 4 месяца назад
Ever consider moving to austin, Austin ?
rs4race 4 месяца назад
How much does she weight?
ESP500 4 месяца назад
You should put her name in the title and description
flsym 4 месяца назад
2:42 😈 lol Austen playing with the angles
Sam Rahmati
Sam Rahmati 4 месяца назад
I like the girl keep the boys in check 😏😏😏
red bag
red bag 4 месяца назад
i think dood got lost in the wrong youtube channel
CerealOnMy Toast
CerealOnMy Toast 4 месяца назад
"making sure this place doesnt burn down" is thing single most accurate statement if it wasnt for my mum, the only competent one in my family 100% me my dad and 2 brothers would have accidentally killed ourselves
Bavarian Motors
Bavarian Motors 4 месяца назад
Nitika Webb
Nitika Webb 4 месяца назад
I feel like I’m gonna pass out just watching
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia 4 месяца назад
Amanda is the strongest tested power lifter in the world, so they also have comps for juiced power lifters?
Ilene Goddard
Ilene Goddard 4 месяца назад
This is PURDY cool
BambiJesus 4 месяца назад
Is she all natural?
Cielo Esquisto
Cielo Esquisto 4 месяца назад
Uu ya soy fan de esta chica
raino187 4 месяца назад
That girl looks manly but she sounds cute
Peter Csigo
Peter Csigo 4 месяца назад
I'm not sure if this guy's was born yesterday but she's using anabolic steroid. Do you even understand how little woman's body make I mean testosterone and that's the backbone of getting stronger.Her jawline and her masculine face is tell the rest of the story.Please don't tell me that it's a tested Federation because people beating the test for ages.
Hanniel Whyte
Hanniel Whyte 4 месяца назад
The end of the video had me.😅
Fithura Fithu
Fithura Fithu 4 месяца назад
Austen your name matches with the city
serg jay
serg jay 5 месяцев назад
she is so cute (face) but what a waste neck down is a dude
Sara Arista
Sara Arista 6 месяцев назад
I started this year my high school freshman and I finally got my 400 pound squat
lightning cena
lightning cena 6 месяцев назад
Have you thought about entering bodybuilding contests outside the navy?
KinGTeraTino 6 месяцев назад
Kaitlyn K
Kaitlyn K 6 месяцев назад
I’m just confused as to why he wanted the girl to smile while lifting 😂 The guys don’t smile either..🥴
Akshay Kartik
Akshay Kartik 4 месяца назад
@LP86 video editor insecure much?
Kaitlyn K
Kaitlyn K 4 месяца назад
LP86 video editor awww sounds like you’re triggered babe. Go to you’re safe spot now.
LP86 video editor
LP86 video editor 4 месяца назад
LOL This is sooo pathetic! The feminist b**ch got triggered because of a smile! It's just so natural that he wanted to embellish the video with a beautiful girl smile; just a deranged sjw will see this as offensive. The weird thing would be if he asked the guys for smiles! Now take your twisted notions of social justice and go make "war faces" in some hypocritical sjw protest covered by the woke media!
Vin1681 4 месяца назад
Hazz JL
Hazz JL 4 месяца назад
@Moist Penguin kooonttt🤣
Cindarenee14 6 месяцев назад
See how her voice stayed the same because she didn’t take steroids
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666 11 дней назад
you‘te a full blown dummy cindarenee14 if you think that she‘s natural! 🤣🤣🤣
DeadBoy Walking
DeadBoy Walking 4 месяца назад
Almost all of these people are not drug free . Ask anyone who uses and you know what to look for.
Marco ChavezJR
Marco ChavezJR 4 месяца назад
@Mykola Leshchenko EXACTLY
Mykola Leshchenko
Mykola Leshchenko 4 месяца назад
She's clearly on performance-enhancing drugs, featuring growth hormone (her muscle mass is way over normal female levels) but then again - at the competitive lifting, especially in the top league - nobody is drug-free.
Marco ChavezJR
Marco ChavezJR 4 месяца назад
Just because she's in a drug tested sport doesn't mean she doesn't take steroids.
7нe.Black. Gøddess
7нe.Black. Gøddess 6 месяцев назад
How many kg she lifted up?
fat god
fat god 7 месяцев назад
Wtf 5 plates
celi nee
celi nee 7 месяцев назад
WoW 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 i can’t do that :) she every strong 💪🏻
R 9 месяцев назад
Since the title is "strongest tested female power lifter" I kinda wish the video was more about her and less about this guy. They only showed her for like half or less of the entire video.
John Cena
John Cena 5 месяцев назад
Rileigh Right???? If it were the world’s strongest man, this would be a documentary, but all the comments are nowhere near as praiseworthy as they really should be. I mean, she’s literally so cool and this is all she gets? That’s wack.
Dragster 988
Dragster 988 10 месяцев назад
6ft 3.5 on a good day
Linda Roberts
Linda Roberts 10 месяцев назад
Love those videos you bring laughter where ever you are..🤟🤟⚓️⚓️
SledgehammerEditing 10 месяцев назад
Named the video after Amanda and left Russ for dead
SledgehammerEditing 10 месяцев назад
@Austen Alexander hahaha
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 10 месяцев назад
+SledgehammerEditing they didn’t give me enough space in the title 😂
Brandon Wynn
Brandon Wynn 11 месяцев назад
the ending im dead lol
Race Pace Masters Swimming
Race Pace Masters Swimming 11 месяцев назад
Nicks bike in the background 😊
Gile Год назад
Tyanna Galloway
Tyanna Galloway Год назад
Love it when she says “come on!” 😂😂
Chapman ΑΩ
Chapman ΑΩ Год назад
You got Ryan in the vid. 👌🏻🤙🏻
LuvThyMind29 Год назад
Lol 0:01 Thought some man was creeping in the background
Tina Castaneda
Tina Castaneda Год назад
Texas is my home state ...I miss Austin, TX..Pretty good, sweet , and Awesome ppl .. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the ppl in Texas.. Amazing video..God bless ..😁😉😇
Chance Carter
Chance Carter Год назад
Yo does anyone know what kind of watch he has??
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Chance Carter Garmin Fenix 3HR
Kerry Phillips
Kerry Phillips Год назад
Tested does not mean she's natural
wosua Год назад
Nick Bare the legend!!!
Trent Robinson
Trent Robinson Год назад
You’re in my city !!
Dallas Long
Dallas Long Год назад
😖😖😖😩😩 ughhhh I swear there's nothing cool like this place in Lubbock TX, dangit I gotta move to Austin or Dallas!! #StayBlessed guys!!
Joseph Bologne
Joseph Bologne Год назад
Ahhhh, the sound of estrogen. I like the battle of female strength, not the battle of chemistry. It's about the human competition not lab coat competition. I mean do what you want. I know where my respect is though.
TheMasterAtArms Год назад
Austin come to lackland
TheMasterAtArms Год назад
Austen Alexander bro please I don’t know if you remember but I commented before I went to boot camp that I was going to be an MA also you are the reason I chose to become this rate and I really do aspire to be like you. I’m here in lackland NTTC MA “A” school and I graduate the 10 of October if I can meet you and get a picture with you that would mean the world to me. Thanks so much for responding.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
I am coming there sometime between Sept 10 and 15!
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy Год назад
How it feel to be off juices carallo.
Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper Год назад
Videographer hymen lmfao!
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson Год назад
How’re you just going to act like Russell ain’t shit?
Trey Mansfield
Trey Mansfield Год назад
Isn't the worlds strongest female weight lifter a dude
UCzDwella201 Год назад
Holy shit your channel blow up!! 😮😮
French Bulldog 1
French Bulldog 1 Год назад
French Bulldog 1
French Bulldog 1 Год назад
Belleville197 Год назад
camera angles are trash.... why would anyone want to see foot and leg positioning for epic squats? nah... give me closeups of their faces.
Jp Vert
Jp Vert Год назад
Fuck your cat
Escher Le Ducq
Escher Le Ducq Год назад
Aww man
Escher Le Ducq
Escher Le Ducq Год назад
“a little bit too nice”
Escher Le Ducq
Escher Le Ducq Год назад
Escher Le Ducq
Escher Le Ducq Год назад
Good video :)
KrispyKidTay Год назад
Nick, Austin, and Nava all together holy shit lol
Chris Год назад I think you should issue a challenge
CateDoge Год назад
question is did they smash? the poster girl and him. /s
Jeremy Vo
Jeremy Vo Год назад
What's Amanda's weight class that she competes in?
Jeremy Vo
Jeremy Vo Год назад
@Austen Alexander zayumm and so strong too! Put me to shame! Haha.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Jeremy Vo 83kg I believe
Rebecca Daniel
Rebecca Daniel Год назад
one of these days im gonna squat 1000 lbs
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666
Lou-Cypher Baphomet666 11 дней назад
learn to go deep first
Jean Gao Racine
Jean Gao Racine 2 месяца назад
possible but you gotta be big for it i think the world record holder did 1276 and hes big big XD Nathan "Tractor" Baptist
ArianAdonis 2 месяца назад
Just dont snap your knees like this other guy just did in comp
yamir ryayo
yamir ryayo 4 месяца назад
Lol not even underwater will you be able to do that.
Timid Equinox
Timid Equinox 4 месяца назад
Lol sure you will 😂
Fredrcg Год назад
Nice to see a female power lifter without having a manly voice. 😁
Filou Tarmin
Filou Tarmin 4 месяца назад
@Matthew Meyer very good joke
Café au lait
Café au lait 4 месяца назад
@LP86 video editor Feminists support choice, women's choice to work or be housewives. Women own their bodies and have no obligation to be mothers. The only filthy people in this debate are misogynist pigs like yourself.
LP86 video editor
LP86 video editor 4 месяца назад
@Café au lait "Advocate for women's rights"... which includes defending the right for women to have any profession, but not to be housewives (taking care of home and raising a child paying close attention to its moral development, which is beautiful) if they want because then they would be shunned by the movement and classified "lazy and useless". Also defending the right of abortion (don't even say it's not a cause they support), therefore promoting a "mass killing of women" (half of the babies killed are female). And the list goes on... Yes... feminists are filthy.
Café au lait
Café au lait 4 месяца назад
@LP86 video editor Imagine calling people who advocate for women's rights "filthy", you must think women are subhuman. I don't have to guess what you are: a misogynist.
LP86 video editor
LP86 video editor 4 месяца назад
@Café au lait Yes, there is something wrong if they have manly voices. You're either a filthy feminist, a beta male or a deranged sjw to say what you said. I bet you don't see a problem with women with beard, hairy chest, man dna or dicks also... You are also wrong about weight-lifting women (or men for that matter) not existing for enjoyment. If it wasn't so they wouldn't enter public competitions to show what they can do. Nor would they film their squats from behind to show their butts or show their toned asses in bikinis or tight yoga pants in instagram and youtube like Daniella Melo does.
Big Fish
Big Fish Год назад
BPN got some savages on the team.
P s
P s Год назад
I have ultimate respect to the lady powerlifter. She is using and utilising her potential strength as she should.'s Nava!!! that reminds me I must check out how much he got beat by yet another fellow Brit 😂 the challenge has either already happened or its soon in im thinking San Antonio... damn our flag looks really good on you Austen 😂
TheLostAmerican Год назад
Hey all, I just decided recently to make military videos. I was wondering if y’all could check them out.
DeathByKO Год назад
Fitness motivation! I'm 5'5 130lb going 11X and can't even touch that weight yet, motivated to get bigger and stronger!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+666MARS yes!! Me too. Good to surround yourself with people that are stronger than you
Max La Paz
Max La Paz Год назад
She is Awesome!!
Leanne O'Dalenmore
Leanne O'Dalenmore Год назад
Austin thicc ham legs make me hungry 😍
Leona DuLac Ackermann
Leona DuLac Ackermann Месяц назад
I don't eat pork. But... Kind of. Yes.😂
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
Leanne O'Dalenmore 😂😂
Randy Год назад
Her fucking legs.. Jesus 👌
KiCKZz Год назад
It’s crazy that I went to A school with you, watch Nicks, Ryan’s, and Navas videos and honestly didn’t pay any attention that all of y’all are BPN lol keep working
KiCKZz Год назад
Brody Kincaid I’m out in Guam right now
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+J2HKiCKZz small world haha what’s your name?
BeTheMonsterOrBeDevoured Год назад
The music selection could use some creative variety. It seems like the same shit over and over.
Chosen One
Chosen One Год назад
One of my favorite RUrun channels. Military and fitness keep it up big dawg
Rahim A
Rahim A Год назад
Nice! all my favourite fitness youtubers in one video!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Rahim A yessss! Thanks man 💪💪
Mykel Martoza
Mykel Martoza Год назад
Nava the beast I love it 😂
sangeet_Sun Год назад
She is amazing
Life Outside The Box
Life Outside The Box Год назад
Wait, how do you say my name? Heiman. No. Hanman. Hahahaha.
YSoExtra Год назад
Nava bpn???
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Connor Gilmore no
Ben Allen
Ben Allen Год назад
Bro, crazy we both met up with Nava over the weekend lol Great vid btw!
Kathryn Hedrick
Kathryn Hedrick Год назад
I’m just here for Austen...but that goes for every video 💁🏻‍♀️
Kathryn Hedrick
Kathryn Hedrick Год назад
I live 20 minutes north of San Francisco...and I am here for you 🥰
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Kathryn Hedrick 😁😁 thanks hahahah
Klay Bangerz
Klay Bangerz Год назад
russwole plz
Sean Ngyuen
Sean Ngyuen Год назад
I wanna see a boxing/sparring match between the branches- Austen for Navy, Nava for USMC, Nick Bare for Army, and someone else for AF
Marcus Gilbert
Marcus Gilbert Год назад
Bullyjuice for airforce
Justin Год назад
That chick is fucking insane. Ive never felt like such a bitch. Black dude is crazy strong too
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+ThaLost Cause tell me about it 😂
Tara D
Tara D Год назад
Nava the Beast is in Texas
Thetequilashooter1 Год назад
That’s crazy strong. Damn...
Gut Год назад
Why’d Nava drive down?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Gut just to meet each other
Sunny Sammy
Sunny Sammy Год назад
Navaaaaa 😍😍😍 lol
Dan Medina
Dan Medina Год назад
That’s cool. I watch all 3 of you guys on RUrun.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Dan Medina that’s awesome. Small world 🌍
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