Maintaining Personal Fitness in the Military | Prep Log Ep. 03

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Austen Alexander

Год назад

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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Glenda Daniels
Glenda Daniels 3 месяца назад
Alex is me Glenda I lost you for a long time and I was trying to get the money up to send for you and I never could get it up cuz I'll try to pay my bills I have none left was that Harry who helped you get outI waited for you cuz I believed in you Alexander I believe that you would come for me I have a hangout my phone is 740 804 2650
Fisher Broadway
Fisher Broadway 5 месяцев назад
Jolly Ann Valeros
Jolly Ann Valeros 6 месяцев назад
Sir your phot is used by a scammer...
Lizzie Mahler
Lizzie Mahler 6 месяцев назад
His face while lifting weights has me 💀
Phoebe Ahn
Phoebe Ahn 7 месяцев назад
He drinks so much water!!! I had a hard time finishing one of those half sized water bottles in elementary 0.0
steffi hempfer
steffi hempfer 7 месяцев назад
As an orthopedic surgeon, I am proud of your posture during training.
henry Stein
henry Stein 8 месяцев назад
Cool soldier🤪👉
Daniel Ghitan
Daniel Ghitan 8 месяцев назад
The name of the song at 03.05 ??
한현희 9 месяцев назад
멋지네요 👍
Lucian V. Olteanu
Lucian V. Olteanu 9 месяцев назад
The exercise it's called "Romanian deadlift". A romanian guy adapted the conventional DDL to RDL, roma nian dradlifts.
Mary Stevens
Mary Stevens 9 месяцев назад
Your entire identity has been hacked by an Arab...Facebook and everything. I really felt you should know. Please contact me back when you have time. This is not a pick up attempt by any stretch of the imagination. I have TONS of proof...
Bo L
Bo L 10 месяцев назад
What was in your protein shake sir?
speed8877 10 месяцев назад
son has good quads from football and exercising with me and at the house. He has packed on some in the stomach area and to ask what good exercises would be good to tone up ab area?
Girlingreyshirt 8 месяцев назад
fork putdowns
Dave Warhurst
Dave Warhurst 11 месяцев назад
Maybe you could do a video on DOD 1334.01, 5 CFR 2635 & 2636 or JER 3-209
Digital Market Income
Digital Market Income Год назад
Hi what service do you use to have membership fee every month? Thank you so much.
Francisco Neto
Francisco Neto Год назад
You are so cute
SilverTip Outdoors
SilverTip Outdoors Год назад
What kind of watch do you wear?
DeWayne Drumgole
DeWayne Drumgole Год назад
Hey Austen, love the videos brotha and you're in great shape with a strong mental mindset. Ever that about SWCC???
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
thanks man!! I did when I first joined but my eyesight DQd me from SWCC or SO unfortunately! I did try for diver but i think my water confidence wasn't where it needed to be
Nick Fletcher.
Nick Fletcher. Год назад
Future USCG, great video
Desire La Belle
Desire La Belle Год назад
So fit and sexy. Btw whats the usual meal in the military ? And also can you upload your food prep plus the proteins you use that if you take any.
Rene Munoz
Rene Munoz Год назад
usual meal in the military? what’s that supposed to mean
Justine Laxamana
Justine Laxamana Год назад
What is that watch do you wear?
meegs Год назад
Me: This man SOOOOOOO thicc No one: How thicc Me: He's so thicc it's spelled with 5 cs. Thiccccc.
justin8771 Год назад
I’ve been thinking whether I should join the marines or navy or a different branch but your videos are very helpful in making a decision That I’m going to join the navy thank you 🙏🏾 keep up the videos
DonutXV Год назад
justin8771 good luck on your journey 👍
Cindy M.
Cindy M. Год назад
How is it you're an E5? I've seen E7s with less leadership ability than you. I'm going to have some very high expectations of you that I know you'll meet. Excellent videos!
Paula Freire
Paula Freire Год назад
You're Awesome!!!
c hr
c hr Год назад
You're "My Watch/Camera Gear/ Favorite Things" link doesn't work. Can you reply me? and I just ask where do you find your BGM too.
c hr
c hr Год назад
@Austen Alexander As i know BGM means back ground music.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
Hello. It should work again. What is BGM?
Caleb Millican
Caleb Millican Год назад
How tall is Austen, I know most bodybuilders are not the typical 6"1' dudes they're more the 5"10' dudes the 5"11' dudes but Austen looks massive
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Caleb Millican I’m 6’3” 😂 I feel like video makes me look a lot smaller but I appreciate it!
KadePearson 44
KadePearson 44 Год назад
I’ve lost 12 pounds in the past 2 months just by cutting cokes out. I used to be addicted to cokes I could almost drink 2 or 3 2 liters a day maybe even more lol but here a few months ago I decided to stop because they were giving me bad heartburn and I wanted to lose some weight o never did anything with my eating except I didn’t eat as much as I had been but I did that only drank water. I lost 10-12 lbs in 2 months. That goes to show you what just cutting cokes/sodas can do. Enjoy your videos man keep it up
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
this is awesome! a lot of people don't realize how much sugar is actually in sodas
Clay Allison
Clay Allison Год назад
How are you not getting more views?!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
i appreciate the compliment! they will come i hope
vanscoyoc Год назад
9:25 Big Time Eye Bags... Stress? Cant sleep? Anxiety?
angel santiago
angel santiago Год назад
No time for sleep
Eugene Scott
Eugene Scott Год назад
Austen, I want to thank you for the inspiration u r offering to Sailors! My two daughters are both in A School...Ft Sam & Great Lakes...I hav sent them links to yor well-produced vids. Your personal discipline, kindness & service to our nation is commendable! As a retired Air Force Chaplain, it is refreshing to see young, disciplined men who are respectful-speaking without so much cussing. Forget about the naysayers on yor Rate, yor person or anything else-u r serving-thank u! Every Rate depends on the other-one team-one fight! Thank u for helping to defend freedom around the world! Rock on! Blessings & safety! Ch, Maj (ret) Ken Fisher
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
wow i appreciate this Chap!! I have insane respect for the Chaplains around the military. God Bless you sir
FifaFelix Год назад
What kind of watch are you wearing?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
Eileen Aldave
Eileen Aldave Год назад
Looking great. 😚😚
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
thank you!
Sara Olson
Sara Olson Год назад
CNA ,Sarah A.
CNA ,Sarah A. Год назад
New subscriber here 👋,great content!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
thank you!
Irma Puerta
Irma Puerta Год назад
You ate the best 😍😍😍
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Год назад
Hi Austen! I am a fourteen year old boy. Is there anything I can do to at home without gym equipment to get fitter? Btw you partially inspired me to join the navy. I know my name is Air Force 22 but RUrun let’s you change names three times in 90 days. Thanks!
Ariane Dupuis
Ariane Dupuis Год назад
😆 😊😀😆😁
Donovan Joyner
Donovan Joyner Год назад
Were you at fort mead? I seen someone who looked similar to you running this morning while taking the ist for the marine Corp.
Donovan Joyner
Donovan Joyner Год назад
Lol I guess so
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Donovan Joyner I wasn’t...people say I have a lot of look-a-likes
Blackwone Год назад
You should do a video like "How to train for become a soldier" , it will be very useful ! And Hi from France, I wish you the best !
Robin Morel
Robin Morel Год назад
Bonne idée !
Jolie Sock
Jolie Sock Год назад
The diet ideas you share are very helpful. Just because you forgot your lunch, you didn't cheat.
Logan Runn
Logan Runn Год назад
Ha Ha Ha I Like the camera girl, she is funny.
Logan Runn
Logan Runn Год назад
Sweeeeet! have a great weekend. Enjoy yur videos.
Bobby Hugus
Bobby Hugus Год назад
Love your videos. They help me learn more about the military so I can have thought about it if I want to join.
Randall Byrd
Randall Byrd Год назад
Awesome video those quads are looking good. From a Huntsville Al Guy.
Pamela De Leon
Pamela De Leon Год назад
Lol Sarah amazed in the background. She’s amazing!
てるてる Год назад
Pamela De Leon は
Walker Cohen
Walker Cohen Год назад
The women don't know about the vein gains!! I'm not Navy but I leave for Airforce BMT May 28th and have been enjoying your vlogs a lot lately! Keep them up!
Cake & Beer
Cake & Beer Год назад
DOPE video bro, thank you for being so real.
Phoenix Год назад
I love these and all of your videos, been showing my friends many of your videos! I learn something new everytime I watch these prep logs, thank you!
Jinnah R Soth
Jinnah R Soth Год назад
Your nipples and your belly button look like a face. 😂
CASHOUT MuRkN Год назад
You every thought about doing a few reaction vids big bro?⚓
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez Год назад
Just started my fitness journey. I want to look like a real life action figure 🔥🔥
Glenda Daniels
Glenda Daniels 3 месяца назад
@Magic Dust it's made Alex
Magic Dust
Magic Dust 6 месяцев назад
Keep up your goals and Congrats for getting in fit.
nice Год назад
How is it going so far my friend
ana m
ana m Год назад
Love the editing! What app do you use? I'm working on my fitness progress!
ana m
ana m Год назад
Okay cool
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+ana grace awesome Ana!! I use Premiere Pro. I LOVE it
JstHere4DGoodies Год назад
Learned something new for quads. Now I gotta try it. Mahalos🤙
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+JstHere4DGoodies awesome! Let me know how it works for you
Her Kiba
Her Kiba Год назад
Improvise Adapt Overcome
tal ham
tal ham Год назад
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
CaliPiper Год назад
I saw a couple of your MA buddies at Johns Philly grille on Wednesday
CaliPiper Год назад
Austen Alexander well they got their food then left. I was gonna go up and say “hey, do you know Austen Alexander?” I think they were senior enlisted so I decided not to lol
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+CaliPiper 😂😂 probably not doing a thing!
lil boats tv
lil boats tv Год назад
Great video man.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+lil boats tv thanks lil boats!
Dorina Calcis
Dorina Calcis Год назад
Ya look spectacolar
rhymeandreasoning Год назад
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+rhymeandreasoning 😂😂 thanks
Left4Lead123 Год назад
Austen you’re hella thicc 🤤🤤🤤
Azayn Avyyl
Azayn Avyyl Год назад
Austen Alexander no fraternization! lol I’m practicing for boot camp don’t mind me
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Left4Lead123 I’m shrinking by the day 😭😭
Tyler Kranick
Tyler Kranick Год назад
Tyler Kranick
Tyler Kranick Год назад
Can I get a follow on Instagram @tknr6
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