My Girlfriend Reacts to US Navy Bootcamp

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Austen Alexander

7 месяцев назад

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My girlfriend Sara reacts to her first time seeing what US Navy boot camp is like!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Sal День назад
I hope the shots prevent illnesses wtf and don’t cause
brittany evans
brittany evans 2 дня назад
Just some Pear
Just some Pear 2 дня назад
Yasss Queen!!!
JohnnyMartini 2 дня назад
Gosh she asks so many questions
1Lt Uncle Jack
1Lt Uncle Jack 3 дня назад
not even the navy's drill sergeants are scary lol
1Lt Uncle Jack
1Lt Uncle Jack 3 дня назад
Imma go chew crayons with the marines and munch cigarettes with 11b
niv rr tak r
niv rr tak r 4 дня назад
Me a gay: yEs PleAsE ScrEaM aNd SpiT oN mE mOrE sIr 💕💞🥵🥵🥵🥴🥴
Nam Tran
Nam Tran 4 дня назад
my brother is in the navy and he said boot camp was easy, like is he human wtf
Pamela Thomas
Pamela Thomas 7 дней назад
Austen, if you would love to be an RDC, then why did you leave the Navy instead of reaching for that goal?
Pamela Thomas
Pamela Thomas 7 дней назад
I would be in so much trouble there cause if I get nervous or scared, i start laughing!
the_wicked_captain 8 дней назад
my brother came back from the navy and he came home and whenever he was called he would run there and stand at attention
TheSupeiorCountry 8 дней назад
My grand father went trough this is like 1960 maybe he was born in 1944
James Bell
James Bell 9 дней назад
In the Royal New Zealand Navy the JOCT which is for people who want to enter as a Officer is around 22 weeks
Dovydas 13
Dovydas 13 10 дней назад
I know were you live anaheim
Guilherme Belcher
Guilherme Belcher 10 дней назад
I just finished bootcamp a month ago during COVID bootcamp has changed so much from this video
Celtic Echo
Celtic Echo 11 дней назад
I‘m pretty sure the Royal Navy wouldn’t agree that the US Navy is the greatest in the world!!
Nicole Gustafson
Nicole Gustafson 12 дней назад
Actually my division was able to store our boxes on base.
ENNY BUENO 13 дней назад
I really want to join
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 15 дней назад
My experience at Navy Bootcamp was much different, I didn’t watch the video on the bus, I was raging awake and Alert so I would be ready.
Burg Boys
Burg Boys 15 дней назад
She asked so many dumb questions😭
Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 15 дней назад
Wow This isn't a game
Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 15 дней назад
Men These commanders don't play guys Because of their facial expressions We got to thing those things seriously
imirrawashere 18 дней назад
14:25 he looks like that Get Out meme lol
Austin Phurrough
Austin Phurrough 19 дней назад
I got 6 weeks do to covid
Helene Smolenski
Helene Smolenski 20 дней назад
me watching this who can't even do a pushup yeah that seems doable IDEA BY @Yireh Moreno
MrBananagrab 24 дня назад
When I went I passed the pt assessment but my bodyfat% was too high thus earning me extra pts 3 nights a week until I lost the weight
Ariel Fisk
Ariel Fisk 26 дней назад
Im in ROTC freshman for highschool
John Hill
John Hill 26 дней назад
I had to use a pay phone and a script to talk to my parents. What year was this boot camp? Mine was a lot harder. I forget to take off and send back my civy underwear and had to run around the barracks all night. This cant be Great Mistakes now :(
ROBERT CARDONE_JR 27 дней назад
If you’ve been to basic this will bring back ptsd, “FROUNT LEANING REST POSITION MOVE!”
trilingualkid 28 дней назад
man they use to watch you pee that first guy couldnt pee, our RDC make him cried into the night...they dont give a shit anymore, battle station is a big disney building, not like before where you march and run throughout the night and into the morning...
Masood Sayed
Masood Sayed Месяц назад
"Look at all their heads haha" "Your head would look like that too if it was shaved" ...nervous laugh
john jao
john jao Месяц назад
It's just like in your house your mom yelling at you just like boot camp
Austin Hyder
Austin Hyder Месяц назад
Anybody know the lizard king?
Blackpinkblink Fam
Blackpinkblink Fam Месяц назад
I can’t join I think because I have a hand tattoo, are they still strict on that ?
J J Месяц назад
As a former Infantry Drill sergeant from Fort Benning in the years 1986-1988, I give credit to these RDCs , they are doing a tough job, but nothing like the old days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stumpy Falcon
Stumpy Falcon Месяц назад
Watching Navy Bootcamp Video: "ThEy HaVe To SwIm??"
Tie dye
Tie dye Месяц назад
663,00 view
James Toney
James Toney Месяц назад
Wish those guys had gone through in the 90's! They would love that long 11 weeks we went through! 8 weeks?
Alice Maria
Alice Maria Месяц назад
His girlfriend look like a karen
Justin Harris
Justin Harris Месяц назад
anybody notice even the dog was sitting at attention after while 😭😭
Mc Mante
Mc Mante Месяц назад
Why do they scream a lot ?
Mirio Togata
Mirio Togata Месяц назад
You have to react to legionnaires bootcamp in France
richard schroeder
richard schroeder Месяц назад
great lakes sure has changed a lot since nov 1986
LOGS Месяц назад
Imagine going on the wrong bus.
Trixxyツ Месяц назад
I have a habit if someone's Scream at me...I...Punch
allie penn
allie penn Месяц назад
I'm joining the navy soon. I already sent In a form. So did my brother. We wanted to know what boot camp was like. Thank you we are ready
Max Kilo
Max Kilo Месяц назад
"Do they give them sunscreen? " Wut?
Scott Alexander
Scott Alexander Месяц назад
Damn, they are so soft in the Navy. 🤣🤣🤣 Not enough yelling or getting in faces.
sythe Месяц назад
Your girknuabe to much questions
sythe Месяц назад
Your girl have to much queston*
Scr3aming3agle Месяц назад
Gonna deal with this starting the 22nd of september
Dallin Hutchinson
Dallin Hutchinson Месяц назад
Hehe the army issues you glasses that look like you’ll never get a girl again
That Guy
That Guy Месяц назад
I feel like I’m insulting them if I say, “Yes, petty officer”
Meghan Wallace
Meghan Wallace Месяц назад
My chief is in there!!! I can’t thank her enough for all she taught me. Definitely my #1 inspiration and motivator in boot camp.
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Месяц назад
What happens if you look at the instructor in the eye
Tyler Gustafson
Tyler Gustafson Месяц назад
Am I the only one that thinks the Chief sounds like Jesse for breaking bad?
Cameron Wilcox
Cameron Wilcox Месяц назад
"swim qualification" "oh you have to swim" 19:16
Chris Teehee
Chris Teehee Месяц назад
"Will not be disrespected" then yells and spits in ur face. Lmao hipocracy
Benicio Conejo
Benicio Conejo Месяц назад
When she talks I lose brain cells
Unkn0wnOrigin Месяц назад
This basically like school for me but 100000000x scarier and worse
MrOcean HatesLand
MrOcean HatesLand Месяц назад
My older cousin is in the US military and he is sworn in
Mahdi Tajik
Mahdi Tajik Месяц назад
7:06 The man on the left looks like Tommy Shelby
Noah Ellery
Noah Ellery Месяц назад
No joke I watched that same documentary and thought "damn, I and to join the US Navy"
Noah Ellery
Noah Ellery Месяц назад
I don't even live in the US and I've never been there lol
Reverend Mouse
Reverend Mouse Месяц назад
This was so fun. But i went prepared i got there only wearing clothes on my back and my wallet
Robe Месяц назад
I think yelling like that makes no sense whatsoever
Cash byrd
Cash byrd Месяц назад
You have alot of patience 2 answer every stupid question she ask instead of listening and letting them explain it I see how u made it in the navy u have patience
Cash byrd
Cash byrd Месяц назад
She would be the worst person to take to the movies
Xblueberryball S
Xblueberryball S Месяц назад
Night of arrival was ridiculous 2 years i can still hear the lizard man yelling his heart out. It was great boot camp wasn’t that bad otherwise its so much more mental than physical.
PVT MARTIN Месяц назад
What part of Ohio cuz I was born and raised there
riley H
riley H Месяц назад
yo tell yo wife to stop asking so much questions
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy Месяц назад
It's weird to see a drill sergeant talk normal instead of yelling
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy Месяц назад
Recruit: *takes a breath* Drill sergeant: *"DID YOU LISTEN TO ME, I SAID NO BREATHING FOR 1 MINUTE SOLDIER!!!"*
Austin Thomas
Austin Thomas Месяц назад
This couldn't be me I would be disrespecting everyone who yelled at me
Maddie B
Maddie B Месяц назад
I’m going to boot camp next year and I’m scared for the shots, I hate needles😭
im sorry but how do you put up with her i would die its almost like she tries way too hard
BlahBla Месяц назад
BlahBla Месяц назад
I am not ever joining the navy
Sibong Kim
Sibong Kim Месяц назад
I laughed when the command said " move faster you"😂😂😂
V a p o r w a v e
V a p o r w a v e Месяц назад
Nice lookin setup dude keep up the videos you're doing great
Hekktic Месяц назад
She asks so many questions.... jesus
Gehrig Loera
Gehrig Loera Месяц назад
10:16 just shows how stupid his girlfriend is. Read the words on the screen. “What’s a RDC” two second after it reads recruit division commander like come on
Temptation Drumming
Temptation Drumming Месяц назад
Wait what happens if you go into the navy as a officer?
Josh Myers
Josh Myers Месяц назад
Here I am 12 in the morning laying in my bed eating subway and a brownie saying...I could do that
Jacob Andelman
Jacob Andelman Месяц назад
My god she ruined the video
Pat Wade
Pat Wade Месяц назад
I'm soo mad
M_Swizzy22 Месяц назад
Those Officers must have a very well worked out larynx(voice box), if I was to scream at people like that my voice would be gone in no time haha
Cameron Rose
Cameron Rose Месяц назад
Boot camp wasn't anything like this. They don't scream at you like that. Was like going to daycare lol
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Месяц назад
Yeah count me out that does not look fun
Becca Hollenbeck
Becca Hollenbeck Месяц назад
im hearing theyre no longer sending things home. they pack the boxes and get the box upon graduation
Lipgloss 2000
Lipgloss 2000 Месяц назад
And I thought they were tough on me at school 😂
Forrest Commander
Forrest Commander Месяц назад
If you have wisdom teeth, they WILL remove them regardless of necessity because: why not?
Eliot Месяц назад
Good video, but your girlfriend needs to shut up
Forrest Commander
Forrest Commander Месяц назад
When I went...cell phones weren’t as ubiquitous, so we went to a phone bank if we didn’t have one
Daniel Starr
Daniel Starr Месяц назад
bruh your girl asks 10,000,000,000,000 pointless dumb questions.
Konz Месяц назад
I hate how the audio on the video they watching is behind but they aren’t
Gryphus Месяц назад
I was in Army basic. And the yelling is really only week 1. Other than that, we were really only screamed at when we fucked up.
Preston Guillory
Preston Guillory 2 месяца назад
Do they give them sunscreen
Chris Bueno
Chris Bueno 2 месяца назад
Things have changed a lot from when I went thru bootcamp in 03'
Null 2 месяца назад
i lost so many brain cells having to hear her ask these questions
jake phillips
jake phillips 2 месяца назад
From a distance, he looks like Elon musk
Bill Holloway
Bill Holloway 2 месяца назад
The golden question the recruits say: “~”What did I get myself into”~
Mr Exists
Mr Exists 2 месяца назад
10/10 wouldn't do it again
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