My Girlfriend Reacts to US Secret Service Boot Camp

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Austen Alexander

2 месяца назад

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My girlfriend reacts to Secret Service boot camp! The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting the nation's leaders and their families.
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

If everybody knows about it a "secret" anymore lol
MarkD1159 9 дней назад
I just saw an interesting video about Canadian Mountie Boot Camp. I know it falls a little outside the norm, but maybe a "girlfriend reacts" to that video could be fun?
Ella Wilson
Ella Wilson 15 дней назад
Truro 2020
Johnny Diaz
Johnny Diaz 19 дней назад
*Guy shoots at the white house* his gf- nooooo you can’t just shoot him..... bruh
Courtney Griffin
Courtney Griffin 23 дня назад
Weird how they spend all this time training, but it can end in a blink.
Bam Bam Clxmpx
Bam Bam Clxmpx 26 дней назад
Open Range
Open Range 27 дней назад
Yo bro I live in Artesia New Mexico
Open Range
Open Range 27 дней назад
F.L.E.T.C. is just up the road.
road runner
road runner Месяц назад
Hi to you both¥£€₩#@Please reply austin, when you retire and become a vet.....does your gov give you your benefits, med dent, optical and housing?, from what I found, tell me im wrong
what is up my hombre
what is up my hombre Месяц назад
Well the secret service isn’t so secret when it has a boot camp lmao
Charles Kilvington
Charles Kilvington Месяц назад
Why Trump Lol
W W Месяц назад
Its just too bad the liberals forced this agency and many others to lower their standards particularly their physical standards so as to obtain more candidates so the stats looked better... you would have thought law enf would be looking for the very best mentally and physically ... instead it became more important to hire so many of this gender this color this race ...thanks to the liberals .. its a shame..
Kymmberliestarr Месяц назад
You would think most people would understand that but they don't. They don't think you should kill someone just because they're shooting. Crazy I know.
Baconater 9090
Baconater 9090 Месяц назад
6:57 on your side austin
Diva Queen
Diva Queen Месяц назад
"Common sense", in America! I agree with your girl friend. We in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland believe that all life matters.
William S
William S Месяц назад
He was shooting at the white house yes you shoot him
Gene Clemetson
Gene Clemetson Месяц назад
Lol “Go get naked!” That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, Austen! If that was my gurl, I’d wanna see her nekked too, with that tight body!
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Месяц назад
我要为川普做神的见证人 !!(This part of Chinese language) 我是真的见过神的人!! (我在2014年曾经历过死亡。真正地和神一起走在天堂的路上!! 最后,被护送回到大地 )!!! 我想我应该为川普做神的见证人!! 川普是被神拣选,预备派到这个世界上,拯救美国经济,维持世界和平!! 川普是被神高高举起的人!!是活在主里的人!! 是敬畏神的人!!是行走在神的旨意当中的人!! 无论人类设下什么障碍,都无法打击替代川普!! 因为神会帮他跨越一切障碍的!!因为他要赢得神的奖赏!! 而凡基督徒都知道,圣经上说“你们是不可以做假见证的。”下面我就将我所看见的真实的异象详细地描述给你们“ The night of July 22 ,2019 .I were praying for President TRUMP. Then in the VISION , " I saw a Giant Golden Glittering CROSS !! Then, at this moment, I saw TRUMP coming ! He was Wearing a Beautiful Blue Suit, and a RED Tie , And With His Big SMILE !! Then, TRUMP walks to the Right Side of the CROSS , STRANDING a little bit Behind the CROSS !!!" This is VISION I've Seen !! I am a Canadian . I Hope Trump Knows that He is NOT Alone, GOD ,LORD JESUS Be ALWAYS With HIM !!!. And I think I should be the God Testimony to Trump !! All those who BLESS TRUMP will be BLESSED !! Anyone who Denigrates Trump will Be CURSED !!!
Arfandy Ginting
Arfandy Ginting Месяц назад
Im asian and im love watch US ARMY 🔥💯
HiTTs Месяц назад
1:46 this girl is already a veteran undercover secret agent 😂😂😂
Sohum Gupta
Sohum Gupta Месяц назад
8:18 High Speed Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats
Julian Wei
Julian Wei Месяц назад
Mach 1
Mach 1 Месяц назад
When he said challenger. I was like "this dude"
Calen Frias
Calen Frias Месяц назад
That is way different then Marine Boot Camp which I had to do
Gautam Dhiman
Gautam Dhiman Месяц назад
Ess ladki ke pass aur koi kapde ni hae kya hamesa ek chij pehn ke rakhti hae
JgGamer 1017
JgGamer 1017 Месяц назад
"that's a charger homie" glad someone else caught the videos mistake :D
Eli Riggs
Eli Riggs Месяц назад
You should do a reaction to sniper school
LoneStar Productions
LoneStar Productions Месяц назад
Why does RUrun keep unsubscribing me from you and several others?
Ker Sen Samrach
Ker Sen Samrach Месяц назад
he looks like elon musk... but more fit version
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson Месяц назад
Y they not put a slug in him
A11 Pr0duct
A11 Pr0duct Месяц назад
I always thought SS was like a more complicated version of Navy Seals before American Sniper completely blew up there popularity lol
Paul William
Paul William Месяц назад
TRUMP 2020!!! USA!!! USA!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Woah Sky
Woah Sky Месяц назад
1990s: Runs at gunman 2020: Shot by either a marksman or a cop nearby.
Crazy Amazing Gamer
Crazy Amazing Gamer Месяц назад
We began the country with 4 presidents with pouder wiges and we went about 200 years and now we have one diped in cheato dust
Arwo Месяц назад
....6 months to become someone in the top security agency You guys are a joke... In Germany you have to study for 3 years to just become a normal police man
Anthony Germana
Anthony Germana Месяц назад
If there is a video about NCIS bootcamp you guys should react to it
Alex Wiecek
Alex Wiecek Месяц назад
Sports Snips
Sports Snips 2 месяца назад
Trump 2020
Eric Buck
Eric Buck 2 месяца назад
If your gonna shoot him, MASS BODY SHOT!
Radiasha Hall
Radiasha Hall 2 месяца назад
you’re girl reactions be funny asf 😂❤️!.
Bakers Oven
Bakers Oven 2 месяца назад
Yeah if someone’s trying to kill someone pretty sure you can take them out.
lil miwa
lil miwa 2 месяца назад
You should do on the civil air patrol
orange_VAP22 2 месяца назад
Some secret service employees actually have to train to do a Russian martial arts program there's like moves that you'll have to watch like over and over again to get them down
graham peebles
graham peebles 2 месяца назад
“Secret service is the best in the world” lee Harvey Oswald has entered the chat
r1Ce 2 месяца назад
finally a ad blocker???
Ian Davidson
Ian Davidson 2 месяца назад
Can I become a Formula 1 driver? Support Anyone?
User Name
User Name 2 месяца назад
She didn't think there would be a boot choose people who protect the world from diving down in chaos
XNZ dreexton
XNZ dreexton 2 месяца назад
Yea but dimacrats don't have much common sense
Michael Delsanter
Michael Delsanter 2 месяца назад
This is all I want to do!!
Ирина Ужокина
Ирина Ужокина 2 месяца назад
Я из Белоруссии г гродно.но ваши клипы просто супер
Ирина Ужокина
Ирина Ужокина 2 месяца назад
Спасибо вам за видео.алекс ты молодец.
Ирина Ужокина
Ирина Ужокина 2 месяца назад
Смотрю все ваши клипы, все обсуждения, Алекс ты с женой просто молодцы.вы мне очень нравитесь. Молодцы.
Lucille ten Hove
Lucille ten Hove 2 месяца назад
Love your interview with commander Chris go navy
Anchors Away
Anchors Away 2 месяца назад
Is this is what you are going to do after the Navy. MIB
Austin Sweet
Austin Sweet 2 месяца назад
Do the RCMP next please its even worse then the Navy bootcamp
Ian Lyles
Ian Lyles 2 месяца назад
Trump is one of the best presidents we have ever had.
Cogito Ergo Something
Cogito Ergo Something 2 месяца назад
Interesting stuff. I yhink they should have people dressed up like POTUS and FL during protection scenarios. More fun/more realism. Thanks for sharing.
Claire S.
Claire S. 2 месяца назад
Y’all should react to Michelle Khare FBI training video! Love the reactions videos with you both!
SuperGuman Games
SuperGuman Games 2 месяца назад
#trump2020 #trumpjr2024
Marin C
Marin C 2 месяца назад
Sarah’s reactions are always the best
Lucifer 2 месяца назад
bro you look like Elon musk
Consciousness 2 месяца назад
nowadays everyone says that phrase to every one, no he doesn't.
Doug L
Doug L 2 месяца назад
RFK is why people running for the of president get protection
redfridge 2 месяца назад
0:01 ok rlly u had to
Nocturnal games
Nocturnal games 2 месяца назад
the dude narrating his name is graham flannigan
Jacob Steele
Jacob Steele 2 месяца назад
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams 2 месяца назад
Blacks for Trump !!✊🏽🇺🇸
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams 2 месяца назад
Trump 2020! 🇺🇸
C E 2 месяца назад
Could you do the Border Patrol Academy? Business Insider did it.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 2 месяца назад
Can’t wait for Kanye too get a Secret service detail
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez 2 месяца назад
He called it a challenger 😭
Gillian Webber
Gillian Webber 2 месяца назад
No hate, but i just wanted to say i could hear Austin but not his girlfriend.
BULL 30 2 месяца назад
She didn’t know because it’s secret
Seth Edmoundson
Seth Edmoundson 2 месяца назад
I'm surprised that he's surprised.. idk if its changed since you went to A school for MA but a lot of the things it showed in this video I did in A school! When did you go to A school for MA?
tini thomas
tini thomas 2 месяца назад
So she's ur wife thats ok 👌 thanks for sharing urself with me
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
lol what...we've never spoken
Adam Guerino
Adam Guerino 2 месяца назад
“Wait! The secret service has boot camp?!” No they actually let anyone protect the president
Blue Rose Photography FL
Blue Rose Photography FL 3 часа назад
@CamGreenz- Unless you are in the Secret Service, I don't want to hear it. Because the agent clearly said four
CamGreenz- 12 часов назад
@Blue Rose Photography FL no u should it’s def SIX!
Blue Rose Photography FL
Blue Rose Photography FL 22 часа назад
@CamGreenz- Considering the fact that I read an agent's biography, and he was on for 4 years before moving to protecting the president, I think that YOU should look it up. Lol
CamGreenz- День назад
@Blue Rose Photography FL no it’s 6 go look it up lol
Blue Rose Photography FL
Blue Rose Photography FL День назад
@CamGreenz- Its four years.
Samantha Robinett
Samantha Robinett 2 месяца назад
Are you from Texas
Devyn Franklin
Devyn Franklin 2 месяца назад
She got mad at him because he said they should have just shot him. In that situation, when someone is shooting at the White House. They have every right to shoot him dead where he stands. Granted it would have scarred a lot more people than just tackling him.
Hunter 2 месяца назад
Do fbi
William Stalvey
William Stalvey 2 месяца назад
Love secret Service, should have done this instead of Law enforcement Candidates, always get that College degree and go Federal, much better benefits, retirement God Bless Secrer Service
Chris Rambarran
Chris Rambarran 2 месяца назад
I didn't even finish the application...... I stopped at the "colorblind" portion.
Dier Cire
Dier Cire 2 месяца назад
Lol. Well played on the commercial right after saying "go get nekkid". I stayed for the Squarespace promo because of it.
Operator Rowan
Operator Rowan 2 месяца назад
On screen:Trump Me:Descosting
laytonPlayz games
laytonPlayz games 2 месяца назад
I used to love the movie max2 about a secret service dog
Sean Harper
Sean Harper 2 месяца назад
“You can’t be hitting on another guy. Listen😑” had me dead😂😂😂
steffi hempfer
steffi hempfer 2 месяца назад
You are still in the ukrain?
Ryan Forster
Ryan Forster 2 месяца назад
You think consider doing one on the Pontifical Swiss Guard. They have in history operated like a para-military unit. I know that comparing USSS to the Sg is comparing apples to oranges, but the SG has never lost a charge in their existence despite being around many times as long.
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 2 месяца назад
Sara's so funny dude. And smokin'. Life's good.
Jacob Steele
Jacob Steele 2 месяца назад
What was that intro
Bir Love
Bir Love 2 месяца назад
She is a cool fine lady, I have to second that.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
Thanks man 😂
Nathan C.S
Nathan C.S 2 месяца назад
Austen, try also to make a reaction video of Business Insider of RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
AngelicoH09 2 месяца назад
More more
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 2 месяца назад
At least I wasnt the only one annoyed by the charger/challenger mix up.
MarineBeast_86 2 месяца назад
“We have a zero fail mission...” *JFK has entered the chat*
Lily B
Lily B 27 дней назад
The Secret Service killed JFK by accident.
Miles Etter
Miles Etter Месяц назад
kid 199x
kid 199x Месяц назад
Jacob Andelman
Jacob Andelman Месяц назад
Oh no
wal Месяц назад
mybe secret service wanted JFK Dead, Mission Success.
Stormcloak Johansson
Stormcloak Johansson 2 месяца назад
What is your ancestry/decent?
Stormcloak Johansson
Stormcloak Johansson 2 месяца назад
@Austen Alexander I thought her last name was Olson, my bad.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
Johansson yes her last name is Weinceik and I believe it is Polish
Stormcloak Johansson
Stormcloak Johansson 2 месяца назад
@Austen Alexander Thanks for the response man. Btw, your girlfriends name sounds awfully Swedish (comes from a Swede/Norwegian. Cheers from Scandinavia.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
I know there’s Scottish and Norwegian in there. My grandpa is 1/4 Cherokee Native American. Think there may be German in there as well lol
David Almeida
David Almeida 2 месяца назад
Looks like a Boy’s Scout club to me...
Axle Blevins
Axle Blevins Месяц назад
Me to they don't look to tough
Escanor Lion sin of pride
Escanor Lion sin of pride 2 месяца назад
Zero fail history jfk looking down on this 👁👄👁
WAVYCHRIX 2 месяца назад
Do a video on yn please.
ilovemjuliPlaysRoblo x
ilovemjuliPlaysRoblo x 2 месяца назад
Heyyy... I think my brother is actually at camp pendaltion (sorry for the misspelling) in Cali. He’s a sergeant in the u.s marines :-) not that you would care btw
ilovemjuliPlaysRoblo x
ilovemjuliPlaysRoblo x 2 месяца назад
Austen Alexander omg rlly? I wonder if you’ve seen him before! Ima say our last name for privacy reasons but it’s juliano
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
Small world! I’m there all of the time
Hawks Eye mobile auto detailing
Hawks Eye mobile auto detailing 2 месяца назад
Keep your comments to yourself until the clip is over.
Levi Blankenship
Levi Blankenship 2 месяца назад
Common sense ain't so common anymore😔
Cristian Botello
Cristian Botello 2 месяца назад
It’s a good day when a reaction video comes out 😭❗️
Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit 2 месяца назад
React to the West Point and Annapolis vids BI did
Jerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk review
Jerry Dean Rice II Prototypes for press desk review 2 месяца назад
Major viper's kc2075 wargames a.i. 2515 use stand one to gao 17-300 most wanted for us secret service Homeland Security is operational. Tin 441948302 ein 441948302 employees ein 85-0699388 paid under payroll of Rice company ii holdings. Ceo Henry Merr Paulson; iron mountain 2127(2515) usa secret service and armorments only for this mission master full bird general Jerry dean rice ii 441948302 update K2eqkv97 training
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