Navy Sailor Reacts to Michelle Khare Training Like a NASA Astronaut

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Austen Alexander

Месяц назад

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We react to Michelle Khare training like a NASA Astronaut!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Hailey Abecassis
Hailey Abecassis 12 дней назад
"I love you very much...... MOVING ON" 😂😂 I love your vids, keep up the great work man
Leticia Segura
Leticia Segura 14 дней назад
When he said shut up to the dog I felt that 😭
Dimond Rosy
Dimond Rosy 18 дней назад
You should react to Micheals training like a Marine
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez Месяц назад
Aleksandar Ivano
Aleksandar Ivano Месяц назад
Dude, I am getting vertigo just watching a video of a plane twisting... If I was in her place, I would've passed out 2 seconds in. I think it's an in-ear sensitivity.
D T Месяц назад
Austen, can you try to interview someone from the newly formed space force?
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Месяц назад
我要为川普做神的见证人 !!(This part of Chinese language) 我是真的见过神的人!! (我在2014年曾经历过死亡。真正地和神一起走在天堂的路上!! 最后,被护送回到大地 )!!! 我想我应该为川普做神的见证人!! 川普是被神拣选,预备派到这个世界上,拯救美国经济,维持世界和平!! 川普是被神高高举起的人!!是活在主里的人!! 是敬畏神的人!!是行走在神的旨意当中的人!! 无论人类设下什么障碍,都无法打击替代川普!! 因为神会帮他跨越一切障碍的!!因为他要赢得神的奖赏!! 而凡基督徒都知道,圣经上说“你们是不可以做假见证的。”下面我就将我所看见的真实的异象详细地描述给你们“ The night of July 22 ,2019 .I were praying for President TRUMP. Then in the VISION , " I saw a Giant Golden Glittering CROSS !! Then, at this moment, I saw TRUMP coming ! He was Wearing a Beautiful Blue Suit, and a RED Tie , And With His Big SMILE !! Then, TRUMP walks to the Right Side of the CROSS , STRANDING a little bit Behind the CROSS !!!" This is VISION I've Seen !! I am a Canadian . I Hope Trump Knows that He is NOT Alone, GOD ,LORD JESUS Be ALWAYS With HIM !!!. And I think I should be the God Testimony to Trump !! All those who BLESS TRUMP will be BLESSED !! Anyone who Denigrates Trump will Be CURSED !!!
Erik Reynoso
Erik Reynoso Месяц назад
What’s yours rank I got to military school my rank is E9 Cadet 1st sergeant
พรทิวา สุมานิตย์
พรทิวา สุมานิตย์ Месяц назад
You are really awesome
kelly hill
kelly hill Месяц назад
You got to be kidding me !!! Is this really the only person that NASA could use in this video to be talking about how astronauts stay fit while in space? This might not be PC but this woman cant keep fit while on earth im sure she wouldnt stay fit while in space thats provided the rocket could get her off the ground !
kristal ann Wahpoosywan
kristal ann Wahpoosywan Месяц назад
Congrats on your brother wedding u and Sarah really look so good and in shape
JH Acc#3
JH Acc#3 Месяц назад
Space Pirates, aye it could have been a thing should the Navy be given space
J L Месяц назад
Space is made in a Hollywood basement
Granola Bar
Granola Bar Месяц назад
country boy hype house
country boy hype house Месяц назад
Can you do a video talking about this army Tik Tok investigation on it’snate
celi nee
celi nee Месяц назад
Good job 🥰🙋🏋️ are good man 👌🏼
Tymisha Morgan
Tymisha Morgan Месяц назад
Just tell your family members stop harassing me. God bless
Tymisha Morgan
Tymisha Morgan Месяц назад
Y'all did good y'all look real good 👍 together 👍👌 congratulations. Keep up the good work Austen take care
Red Bellic
Red Bellic Месяц назад
Can you challenge me to the Military Obstacle Course that Mark, Ethan and James Charles did
Maddie Moo
Maddie Moo Месяц назад
My grandpa works at the NASA Dash you went to in that shuttle that was on top of the plane he built that too
Maddie Moo
Maddie Moo Месяц назад
Mariah Iseminger
Mariah Iseminger Месяц назад
listening to Austen butchering Michelle’s name 😫😭
Elize 295
Elize 295 Месяц назад
Michelle Care lmao
Jonathan DelValle
Jonathan DelValle Месяц назад
Another good video man
Bhaskar Krishna
Bhaskar Krishna Месяц назад
SHUT UP ! he got her jealous strings down, he knew they will vibrate watching another female praised, Big respect for this Alpha behavior ...
Sergio Carricarte
Sergio Carricarte Месяц назад
confirmed nasa is part of the air force they have fighter jets
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis Месяц назад
:50 she looked so mad at my man
Marco P.
Marco P. Месяц назад
Austen. Bro I love your videos and how honest you are about everything. New follower right here. Based in Chile🇨🇱 right now bro. Keep up the Good work.
Elizabeth Kremer
Elizabeth Kremer Месяц назад
Bro he mispronounced her name so bad🤣🤣😬😬😭💣💥
Jafet Contreras
Jafet Contreras Месяц назад
“SHUT UP”💀💀💀
Billy Месяц назад
React to her doing firefighter training
Glenn Bechtel
Glenn Bechtel Месяц назад
what brand of watch do you wear
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more Месяц назад
America god is satan literally just study the all seeing eye pyramid of lucifer on the back of the dollar bill those are not decorations , get out of the military while you can , they lied about 9/11 check out Stephen Darby: satanic media on RUrun this is your wake up call ⏳
Sydney Месяц назад
You should react to her doing the marine training, the fire academy, police academy, and the FBI agent one
Cokeman 1233930
Cokeman 1233930 Месяц назад
Who else got 8 ads in the vid or is it just me
MadCat Месяц назад
You should watch: "We, The Marines" on Netflix with Sara. Really fits the bootcamp video's you two already watched... + Its only 37 minutes long so that would be a nice long enjoyable video.
Hovy Месяц назад
Hi Austen, Big High5 from The Czech Republic. I am a member of one of three special police forces called "The Fast Emergency Motorized unit" and I really would like to see a battle between any member of a military and a police officer. Thanx, wish you all the best
DexterityGG Месяц назад
I like how he is so calm in his videos
Kristen Jeppestol
Kristen Jeppestol Месяц назад
Can you please do a reaction to West Point USMA?
Aj Videography
Aj Videography Месяц назад
How is it that every time I watch your videos while I’m eating...someone throws up.... I still love all your videos though!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
My bad 😂 thank you
Maddie Месяц назад
Your channel is awesome man!!! Keep going 💪
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
I really appreciate that! Thank you
Grant Месяц назад
It always cracks me up when they sign out, Austen has a soft, soothing baritone that is great for podcasts. And then Sara is the opposite with a loud nasal voice. If this isn't the greatest podcast ever, I don't know what is!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
Lol thank you 🙏🙏
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Месяц назад
Lot of low effort content with too many ads lately.. Preferred your old videos where you talked about managing money in military, and military lifestyle. Those actually help so many people improve their lives. I guess you need to pay the bills so I understand
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
Can’t make any of those videos lately since I’m quarantined to the house and work...also Michelle Khare is running ads on this video - not me
James Finn
James Finn Месяц назад
They need to block it till you say her last name correctly 😂 on a more sad note, there two accidents that caused space shuttles to explode in my lifetime, since 77. Challenger in 1987, and Columbia.
Dan Tanna
Dan Tanna Месяц назад
This dude gets hotter every day
Bradley Schmidt
Bradley Schmidt Месяц назад
Your the best
john thomas
john thomas Месяц назад
Hi great vid as always.....can we have a q and a with you and sara .. I need some comedy in my life...
Ady Day
Ady Day Месяц назад
2014 go fast rocket...????....nothing more to say!
Bharat Sagar
Bharat Sagar Месяц назад
Marissa Vlogs
Marissa Vlogs Месяц назад
Spoiler alert she throws up 😂
Gowtham J
Gowtham J Месяц назад
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Bryan Месяц назад
You should react to her doing the marine training
Queen H
Queen H Месяц назад
They did
Tres Garza
Tres Garza Месяц назад
Ur the best RUrunr
Anna Sch.
Anna Sch. Месяц назад
Why is he yelling at his dog like a psychopath? He should have trained it not to bark if he doesn’t like it
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
I like it very much so
Veronica Garcia
Veronica Garcia Месяц назад
Get that squad going Austen 😊 btw I loved this video, and your correct I to feel Sarah would make a great Astronaut☆ N A S A ☆
Daniel Peckham
Daniel Peckham Месяц назад
It's Gear
It's Gear Месяц назад
Love the vids but is it just me or is the video really delayed compared to the audio.
Zafa Hussain
Zafa Hussain Месяц назад
MbisonBalrog Месяц назад
Can you and Miss Khare challenge each other. She does obstacle and you do Ballet training
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
Whatsup ya'll! The second channel is here and these videos will continue on there!
A P Месяц назад
Was that a Japanese flag on her shoulder?
Colby Gillette
Colby Gillette Месяц назад
Austin lemme run that obstacle course that I see on your channel 🥺
Ava Krop
Ava Krop Месяц назад
Austin you should react to Michelle Khare doing the marine training
SV Месяц назад
But make sure that Michelle doesn't do the Navy Training. Yes, we are the Fattest Branch in the Military. I am ashamed.
Jed Месяц назад
I Agree He Should Definetly Do It!
Micaela Garcia
Micaela Garcia Месяц назад
I cant wait for the next video, I already seen her doing the marine corps before but I want to see their reactions!! GREAT VIDEO BY THE WAY!!👌
Michael A. Inman
Michael A. Inman Месяц назад
I have every intention of having one of those zero gravity ARGOS things behind my house one day. Say I won't .
Caitlyn L
Caitlyn L Месяц назад
Best part of this whole video was from 00:5-0:11!! Question? Can you do a video on the different dogs of the military?? Thank you!
Kerch Galgao
Kerch Galgao Месяц назад
Susanne Lembcke
Susanne Lembcke Месяц назад
Nice Video Sara and Austen 👍🏻
MooseTracks Месяц назад
Where’s the second channel link
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Месяц назад
Here it is!
Tetra Jinx
Tetra Jinx Месяц назад
Love the videos
Zen Kaopua
Zen Kaopua Месяц назад
rileypart1 Месяц назад
0:10 “SHUT UP” 🐶 man Austen lmao 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Anton Galendez
Anton Galendez Месяц назад
Its 0:11
eNeRGy Месяц назад
No it’s 0:10
Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez Месяц назад
I love how Austin asked so seriously.. why did she say girl though? 😂😂 because.... 🌈
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax Месяц назад
Thank you for uploading. I had the opporunity to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Memorable experience. I shared a pretty cool video of the experience to my channel.
Alex Wiecek
Alex Wiecek Месяц назад
lemon Месяц назад
AUSTEN! Yall need some better head phones. The things your wearing like like trash
CNA ,Sarah A.
CNA ,Sarah A. Месяц назад
Hey Austin, great video reaction you finally found Michelle kare's channel, I've been watching her for so long she's so great...
Jacob Vougiatzis
Jacob Vougiatzis Месяц назад
Can I try the obstacle course for a vid. I am looking to go into the military and the obstacle course has to be something I have been keeping my eye on. Normal teen Vs military obstacle course.
Tyler Schaeffer
Tyler Schaeffer Месяц назад
I tried the ice cream. It melts in you mouth
Itz Yadi
Itz Yadi Месяц назад
17:15 LMAO
Irvin Hinds
Irvin Hinds Месяц назад
I didnt know u watch her
Jovan Navarro
Jovan Navarro Месяц назад
Its okay I laughed at the “G” joke 5:14 lmao
Jacob Steele
Jacob Steele Месяц назад
Jovan Navarro lol
Azul Gonzalez
Azul Gonzalez Месяц назад
Azul Gonzalez
Azul Gonzalez Месяц назад
Also it’s kharray
Azul Gonzalez
Azul Gonzalez Месяц назад
Lol/Xd never thought you would react to this I love both of these channels Xd/Lol J love your vids guys 🙂😆🤣😀🙃😀🤣!?!?!,!
Azul Gonzalez
Azul Gonzalez Месяц назад
YAya New Vid!
Angelika Месяц назад
her last name is pronounced KAH-RAY (:
Carson Da boy
Carson Da boy Месяц назад
@austenalexander react to her marine boot camp video next
MbisonBalrog Месяц назад
Can you react to park ranger training next?
Cybernetic Месяц назад
verbal abuse to dog lol
Gman Hi
Gman Hi Месяц назад
Plz respond
Gman Hi
Gman Hi Месяц назад
Love you guys
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Месяц назад
Nice vid
Illtaco maker
Illtaco maker Месяц назад
Yo whats up
Kendra Jerioski
Kendra Jerioski Месяц назад
yessss all my favs in one vid
SPENCER Cochran Месяц назад
She should react to your videos
Miriam Porlán
Miriam Porlán Месяц назад
Pisica Mov
Pisica Mov Месяц назад
You are The Best RUrunr ever
Oscar Carrillo
Oscar Carrillo Месяц назад
Hi Bro's I love RUrun channel. ❤️😎👍🏽
Azimul L
Azimul L Месяц назад
5 th viewer ❤
Pascal Booth
Pascal Booth Месяц назад
Nick Месяц назад
What's up Austen!!!
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