US Marine Attempts the US Army Combat Fitness Test

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Austen Alexander

29 дней назад

Watch this US Marine attempt the new Army Combat Fitness Test. The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is an update for the old Army fitness test which has been conducted since 1980. Soldiers must pass with at least 180 pts no matter your age or sex.
Watch my girlfriend attempt the US Marine obstacle course!
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

redberlin22 4 минуты назад
What if they pop in combat LOL?
Solocanoe 32 минуты назад
I was 4th ID Army Infantry...attached to the Marines for awhile...special weapons stuff. I never saw a marine that looked that THAT!
Hunter Muncey
Hunter Muncey 38 минут назад
Hope this helps. I've done the ACFT a total of 6 times, and passed heavy standard requirements each time with higherscores. Failing ONE event means you've failed it all. Minimum POINTS required to "pass" is 360, provided you achieved the lowest passing scores in all 6 events. Minimum for each event goes like this Deadlift- 140 SPT- 4.6 meters T-pushups- 10 reps SDC- 3 minutes Leg tuck- 1 rep 2 mile- 21 minutes 100% passing score is 600 points w/ Deadlift- 340lbs 3 reps SPT- 14 meters T-pushups- 60 reps SDC- 1 minute 30 seconds Leg tuck- 20 reps 2 Mile- 13 minutes I believe, if not 12:30 From my experience, I don't feel this video did justice to the real ACFT. However it does show its difficulty to an extent and that's good enough.
Joey E
Joey E 6 часов назад
She did a good job. I'll be that guy who points out that she looked well rested between events. I have never seen someone look so rested while doing the leg tuck before.
Chibuikem Ubesie
Chibuikem Ubesie 7 часов назад
I'm really impressed by her
Alice Copper
Alice Copper 8 часов назад
so were now allowed to arch our back while doing push ups ??????????????
Simon Tide
Simon Tide 9 часов назад
I wouldn't fight her.
8-1 Reaper
8-1 Reaper 10 часов назад
That moment you know she didn’t do the sprint, drag, carry the right way because on the last sprint she wasn’t running like a new born baby. That event kills your thighs.
8-1 Reaper
8-1 Reaper 10 часов назад
Your body is supposed to come up as a single unit when doing those push ups. Arms are supposed to be straight when dragging the weight. From what I remember, you were only allowed to rest for about 5 or 10 minutes between events. Just watched her do pull ups. Yeah, she only did 3. Elbows have to touch both knees.
Dashound 15 часов назад
All pog standards too. Lol
Cakeadventure 15 часов назад
Bruh her face when he asked if she was 145 pounds XD!
Bob Smoot
Bob Smoot 16 часов назад
What kind of pushups are those? My mom made me do harder pushups as an adolescent.
Fikri Nesimi
Fikri Nesimi 16 часов назад
She failed. No doubt.
Ashton Longoria
Ashton Longoria 17 часов назад
Damn I thought my first acft was bad 😂
Rickie Allmon
Rickie Allmon 18 часов назад WAP GMIX ‼️😻🍕😌😍🙏😂🍕😻🔞‼️👅‼️😻💋❤️😂💕
Mile Tyson
Mile Tyson 18 часов назад
0:37 Him- “Angel is, what 145 lbs?” 😀 Her: “I’m 99lbs” 🤫 Him: “Are you serious!” 🤯 Me: 🤣
R' merac
R' merac 19 часов назад
So, how easy did they have to make the Marine fitness test for her to pass?
ROTTEN RICKY 21 час назад
Pff as a Former Marine I can do those push ups with my gut no arms.🙄
William Dalton
William Dalton 22 часа назад
Visit to see events and standards. This video is not a true representation of the ACFT. SFC / MFT US Army
Mr. Rand
Mr. Rand 23 часа назад
Idgaf what anyone of these dumb meat sticks say in this comment section. The fact of the matter is when I served in the Army a long time ago I've never seen women that were this attractive! I give her props for being in the service period!
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
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dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
Hitler logo is a toilet symbol my apologies
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
🤔💬or.... draft....sure.. but there is more mom
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
hr mom ..... EYES UP MA VLADIMIR!!!! VLADIMIR!!!!
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
😅💬Nnnnngulp heEeee..
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
👁👁💬ITS FIX IT!!!
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
Uhhhh pisssssst MA!!!
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
dA Leester
dA Leester День назад
😅💬ahhh heY
Kylie Kriner
Kylie Kriner День назад
there was never a leg tuck where both her knees touched both her elbows. another 0
Kylie Kriner
Kylie Kriner День назад
you can’t turn around and run with the sled on the sprint drag carry. if you’re gonna have her do this, do it right 🙄
zack young
zack young День назад
This is a terrible video almost every rep and exerscise she did that you counted was wrong, you need to go back and read the standards and grading criteria. I ont even blame her i blame you for being a horrible coach, demonstrater and grader...... just piss poor.
Nicholas McNulty
Nicholas McNulty День назад
It's a good thing I got out when I did. Smh
Alan Williams
Alan Williams День назад
That’s the stupidest fing push-ups I’ve ever seen!!! Why the hell do you thrown your arms out. We used to count them 1 to 50 then down from 50 back to 1 with out a stop!
Roughrider Gatlinghammer
Roughrider Gatlinghammer День назад
getstryker День назад
Hebrew Hooligan
Hebrew Hooligan День назад
Anyone else think she's to hot to be a crayon eater? I would have believed AF but that's pushin it. possibly CG?
SamT71797 14 часов назад
I could see CG. AF would just be an insult to her
Anthony Basile
Anthony Basile День назад
Umm- you get a tiny female Marine to run the same test the Army infantry use?? And her first time she almost passes? Bwahahahahahaha!! As a guy who transitioned from Marine POG to Marine Infantry- there's a reason ARMY stands for Aren't Ready for Marines Yet. I was thinking about joining a reserve infantry unit in Alabama when I moved to the south- and honestly got scared away- those country boys were straight mutants. Yeah- none of those Marines were failing the ACFT, I promise.
Stephen Guilbert
Stephen Guilbert День назад
Deadlift is done with a hex bar. Power throw is done with a small rubber 10 lb. medicine ball, not...whatever that is. Pushups start in the down position, not up. Your legs HAVE to touch your elbows on the leg tuck. That being said, this Marine did a great job. That tether on the drag wasn’t doing her any favors and she would have been okay had this test been properly administrated. This test almost unfairly rewards size and she’s tiny and handled it well. This is a fine glimpse into the events but it’s not the ACFT.
RaRHawkydude День назад
I would like to point out that ants can lift about 5,000 times their own body weight, so it's not impossible, as we saw with the deadlift, for someone at about 100 pounds to lift something 150 pounds. No real reason to be surprised dude.
fort grove
fort grove День назад
Not all the leg tucks were clean. Both knees have to touch elbows; but great job.
Daniel Laracuente
Daniel Laracuente День назад
Sorry but you have 30 min to complete all event not all day like she did
slay simps
slay simps День назад
Marine ya whatever you say
Blitzkrieg-MeX День назад
i wish i was 21 again!
M N E M O N I C День назад
Next time don't grab a wook for your video to make it look harder than what it is they get it easier for our PFT'S and everything
Bruce M.
Bruce M. День назад
Outstanding job Marine! Semper Fidelis Bruce.
Lee Farr
Lee Farr День назад
Ummm homey, you can't count.
eeddmm99 День назад
I counted 38 pushups. Try the "All American" , like AATW, Rangers any day!
dirtyharry205 День назад
that was nothing for her
Max Biaggi
Max Biaggi День назад
This is all bull shit who cares many push-ups your legal, doctors etc can do. No Pt for non combat MOS
Andrew Kivela
Andrew Kivela День назад
Wow, I thought the ACFT was stupid when I read about it...
iKON 2 дня назад
32 to 43... .awesome job grader.... LOL
David Eaton
David Eaton 2 дня назад
Wish I had this guy counting for my pt test
Michael Boots
Michael Boots 2 дня назад
That was not 46 push-ups
John N.
John N. 2 дня назад
The USMC should return to basic stuff like counting.
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch 2 дня назад
1st is a walk through. 2nd time is mental. I tend to visualize w/ a whole lot of anger.
Ronald Coleman
Ronald Coleman 2 дня назад
She in great shape.
Ronald Coleman
Ronald Coleman 2 дня назад
Great show learn to count
Joseph Hart
Joseph Hart 2 дня назад
Semper Fi Marine!
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson 2 дня назад
What happened to going up as a unit in the hand release push up? Half of those should not count.
Guadalupe Malagon
Guadalupe Malagon 2 дня назад
That’s not fair! We are supposed to do all the acft in 60 to 90 minutes and you did it in 16 hrs 😂🤣😂🤣😂
J Barcroft
J Barcroft 2 дня назад
I’ve seen male soldiers do much worse
Newmeaning30 2 дня назад
Horrible counting
TheKrustyBear 2 дня назад
I'm 15 and can do 185 three rep max so hopefully I can make it
Savannah Buxton
Savannah Buxton 2 дня назад
Lmao wtf I did the ACFT in basic and you HAVE to pass every event so yeah she failed the entire test. She didnt even do any of the events properly and wasn’t instructed to do so. Your back has to stay parallel with the marching surface for hand release pushups. You start the sprint drag carry on your stomach flat and then get up to start. When doing leg tucks you HAVE to touch your elbows either to your knees or the top meat of your legs. She did a good attempt but she didn’t pass.
Aidan McGlothlin
Aidan McGlothlin 3 дня назад
Why’d they use a girl?
jason zender
jason zender 3 дня назад
Can I sign up so my brother would stop fighting meee!!!???
Bruce Willis' stunt double
Bruce Willis' stunt double 3 дня назад
No wonder they changed the retirement options. There’s no way 15-20 year career soldiers are gonna be passing this thing. Big Army needs to remember that most of the Army aren’t grunts or SF.
Yogi B
Yogi B 3 дня назад
Of course shes fit af but the way they’re grading our acft, you cant slam or drop the weight. Also your knees have to touch or go past your elbows in the knee tuck. Also your required score to pass depends on your job. But she did an great job 👏🏽
phoeniximperator 3 дня назад
does anyone else think that this woman has come out of a movie?
mason mckenzie
mason mckenzie 3 дня назад
This marine better just stay a Marines the army isn’t for her
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 3 дня назад
I hope Your actually kidding . Im 45 and decent shape and I know I could do this and pass . Huffing and puffing no dought but still finish and pass . Angel is cute and tough , respect 😎
Noble Angel
Noble Angel 3 дня назад
Try the Black Standard for the ACFT
Shane Bretey
Shane Bretey 3 дня назад
Not even touching,
Jaquan Alexander
Jaquan Alexander 3 дня назад
Great video but she would have failed more than half those leg tucks
Spoonfed Truth
Spoonfed Truth 3 дня назад
How much do you weigh? 145? 99lbs actually (she was probably fantasizing about kicking you somewhere unpleasant) those legs tucks that would be so hard. And dragging her own weigh 25 yards. She did fantastic for her size and weight.
Deadeye1983 3 дня назад
I would like to talk some shit but let's be real I'm 36 fat and been out of the army for 12 years so I cant even run to the bathroom without being out of breath. So good job you jar head.
Skins Conrad
Skins Conrad 3 дня назад
Yeah, 90 her bra!
jason shink
jason shink 3 дня назад
Can't pull a guy outta kill zone. But could pull guard with me anyway with our shirts off
Joseph Perales
Joseph Perales 3 дня назад
Wish it was done early in the morning so you can also feel that drowsiness
John Smith
John Smith 3 дня назад
Deadlift is done with a hex bar. At least get the correct equipment
Daniel Buchholz
Daniel Buchholz 3 дня назад
SDC's are the surprise smoker event (and HR Pushups are surprisingly hard). As noted though if you fail any event it's a failure.
Peter Carlson
Peter Carlson 3 дня назад
It’s video does not do her nor the marine corps any favors.
James Sawyer
James Sawyer 3 дня назад
isane4games 3 дня назад
Good attempt but she turned while pullout the sled. She would have to redo.
Choi Andy
Choi Andy 3 дня назад
Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy 4 дня назад
her hand release push ups weren't correct
Kay 09
Kay 09 4 дня назад
Why didnt you add the pushups count for the end result? She did 36 though not 46.
Don Mac-ee
Don Mac-ee 4 дня назад
Enemies would be crazy to shoot at her!
Task Force Blue GS
Task Force Blue GS 4 дня назад
"what are you 145 lbs?" "I'm 99 lbs..." I seriously hope that wasn't an attempt at flirting....
kentucky windage222
kentucky windage222 4 дня назад
Outstanding! 90lbs of dynamite!
Ace Baker
Ace Baker 4 дня назад
This is cool but the push-ups seem like its a lot easier to get a higher number now.
Adam Sainz
Adam Sainz 4 дня назад
She is a hot marine
приклад отверстие
приклад отверстие 4 дня назад
What a cute mattress at least
ben shapipi
ben shapipi 4 дня назад
Lol my roomate walked in on me doing pushups in my bed and left without a word like she saw nothing💀anyways my arms r tired i guess im a swimmer for a reason
Brian Anda
Brian Anda 4 дня назад
For the Sprint 25m down/back you start on the ground and jump up and begin sprinting... fail
robert cochran
robert cochran 4 дня назад
Max dead lift is 340 male and female regardless of size. If you fail one event you failed the entire test. Leg tucks don't count unless elbow come in contact with the knees or thigh. Nice try though.
darrick steele
darrick steele 4 дня назад
I have never seen those push-ups with the putting arms out at rest position before. Like she said, when I first looked at it I thought to myself "what the heck?.. this seems like it'd be easier. But now that I heard her comment at the end, I am very interested in them. Think I will give it a try.
Jeramie Winchell
Jeramie Winchell 4 дня назад
Dude miscounted the pushups, knees didnt touch the elbow, and one hell of a rest period between all that and the run.
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