US Marine Takes On the US Navy Seal Physical Test

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Austen Alexander

10 месяцев назад

An active-duty US Marine attempts the US Navy Seal Physical Screening Test without practice.
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Isaiah Adams
Isaiah Adams 9 месяцев назад
This is really inspiring these are the kind of things not just Navy seals deal with but other branches as well to defend our country. I know it's getting bad in Iran but some people don't know the hell these men and women go through for us I want to enlist I the Marines Cause I have so much respect for them
Alliana James
Alliana James 7 дней назад
I have so much respect they defend us and they choose it for there career path my brother is going into the navy and my dad was in the navy, my grandpa was in it, and my cousin was so i guess its kinda like a tradition for someone in our family to go
kedarreis kirkendoll
kedarreis kirkendoll 10 дней назад
@David BECKETT I know many people who are retired, with a nice house, nice cars, a family and nice income, so that is irrelevant
marcy overby
marcy overby 21 день назад
@Jay’s A.S.M.R Maybe you don't.
Max Kilo
Max Kilo Месяц назад
@Ollie Painter yeah man I agree. I'm also buying the .22 with my money. In getting a built action. Anyway good luck to you and well
Ollie Painter
Ollie Painter Месяц назад
@Max Kilo Oh yeah btw good point LMAO, the left says if Trump gets re elected there will be a "revolution". Haha...good luck...the side of rainbows, lies, and weakness against the side that people are raised around guns, have manners, know about the wild, and know how to survive in a shit-hit-the-fan situation, there is no way. The spirit of the U.S.A resides in every U.S citizen/patriot that loves their country, democratic or non democratic, the far radical left just doesnt know it yet...
Foxman Alpha Skulk
Foxman Alpha Skulk 9 часов назад
I love seeing these videos "oh that's not so hard" Watch me do this". Thing is you don't get to break it down into segments over a period of hours or days. You have to do it all. Same day, same place and in the time allotted. For Navy SEAL you have to do the pull ups immediately after the Swim.
MALCode _NO_DEFECT День назад
"US Marine Takes On the US Navy..." Marine: "Pffft, cake." "...*Seal* Physical Test" Marine: "fuuuuuuuuuu-"
Just Truth
Just Truth 2 дня назад
Side stroke!?!? There is no requirement for giving the guy one of the hardest and slowest stokes...smh
Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen 4 дня назад
Massachusetts in the house, oorah Cpl.
CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!
CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??! 4 дня назад
I swam 1 yard a day, took me about 12000 hours to finish hut hey I’m still a beginner.
Lívia Quaglia
Lívia Quaglia 4 дня назад
5:07 big, buff Marine looks so smol
Ein Gast
Ein Gast 4 дня назад
plenty of muscles, but lacking speed&endurance big time, try a little swim-bike-run
Charles 5 дней назад
I bet I’ll be a goat at it I’m so good I can do it without breathing or moving
Daisy Sky
Daisy Sky 6 дней назад
T-Town hhahahah memories. This guy is s till a beast regardless of his swim.
Liv OVERBEEK 7 дней назад
why do you have to use side strokeeee i swim competitively but wtfff that harddd
Astro gazy
Astro gazy 9 дней назад
He was cheating on some of them pushups lmao well a lot lol
Maria Victoria Sosa
Maria Victoria Sosa 10 дней назад
How old is Matthew?
Kady Lyster
Kady Lyster 12 дней назад
Me the whole time 😧
71usmc 12 дней назад
Wanted to see the guy demonstrate. They picked a Motor T guy to try the test. Lol
Clure 12 дней назад
Does anyone know why they have to do sidestroke instead of freestyle? If I were in a situation where I needed to just swim fast as painless as possible I would definitely be doing freestyle.
Soul Mahajan
Soul Mahajan 13 дней назад
The only push-up i am capable of is pushing myself up and out of bed every morning.
toby ou
toby ou 13 дней назад
marines: strongest branch me a swimmer: HAHAHAHA WHAT A LOSER
davidmatthew54 14 дней назад
Amazing run time, especially considering he ran in lane 4!
Robert Gerber
Robert Gerber 14 дней назад
Shit... it’s been years since I could do50 pushups in 1 minute. I’d be lucky if I could do 20 in 1 minute. Especially after swimming 12 side stroke laps. Mad respect to them both
bb hb b jh
bb hb b jh 15 дней назад
that intro blasted my ears
뉴욕촌놈 NYNJGhoodlife
뉴욕촌놈 NYNJGhoodlife 16 дней назад
if u hang on the wall like that pretending ure only touching it. ull get chewed up badd and even pulled out lol
DonTdroWn 17 дней назад
For just learning sidestroke and having all that muscle weight carrying him down the whole time, he did very well for his first time! Within a few days to a week he could easily have that 12:30 time down!
Frost Blade
Frost Blade 18 дней назад
Marines are still better killers than SEALs. Just sayin
Dakota Reid
Dakota Reid 19 дней назад
64 push ups lol
Kasi Canny
Kasi Canny 19 дней назад
Austen is Mat your son?
J B 19 дней назад
I believe breastroke is an alternative stroke option for the PST. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Cosmic King
Cosmic King 22 дня назад
I do 100 pushups 100 sit ups and 10 km run everyday
Stefan Schmid
Stefan Schmid 23 дня назад
this guy cant even swim
ana chan
ana chan 26 дней назад
wow what a man, i will never marry if its not to one of these men
Talat Hoxha
Talat Hoxha 27 дней назад
Make sure you count the push ups again cause he did 64 not 74 man
Kenneth McCoy
Kenneth McCoy 28 дней назад
I'm sore from running cross country and I'm sore as hell this is a lot worse then running 3 miles
Kenneth McCoy
Kenneth McCoy 28 дней назад
Also I'm the new guy and I'm new to running
thumper 28 дней назад
Unless they've changed it, you'll be doing this qual wearing steel-toed boots, working uniform, and you won't have swim googles.
Softee The Manokit
Softee The Manokit 28 дней назад
I think Austen could cosplay as BJ Blaskowich. (Forgot how to spell it.)
Marti Jo Barrett
Marti Jo Barrett 29 дней назад
"Feast yo eyyyyyes."😂 Well done, Marine! 😉👍🇺🇸
The Drifter
The Drifter Месяц назад
is that the only stroke your allowed for that test?
The Yeet Department
The Yeet Department 25 дней назад
Yep, combat sidestroke
tino moo
tino moo Месяц назад
estaria chingon q tubiera subtitulos en español, porque no solo gente q abla ingles ve esto
Paul P
Paul P Месяц назад
I hope I can mount to this one day.
‘ol Codger
‘ol Codger Месяц назад
In the Army we counted a complete sit up when the troop’s back returned to the ground. I’ve been retired for 10 years now. I’m 60 years old, disabled, 5’ 10”, 330 lbs., and have to use my cane to push myself up outta bed to go take a piss... usually have to take a Snicker’s bar with me ‘cause it takes a while.
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp Месяц назад
The only exercise he did correct was pullups
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp Месяц назад
Omg even his situps were wrong, your back should go all the way down lol.
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp Месяц назад
@K. Ichigo it's been awhile since I have done situps but when I was younger I did 300 situps all at once I probably could not do 100 at once now lol.🤣
K. Ichigo
K. Ichigo Месяц назад
I'd love to see you do it😊
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp Месяц назад
His pushups were all wrong. Your noise should touch the ground and pushups should be done at a much slower pace. Its alot easier doing pushups when you do them fast.
Handsome potato
Handsome potato Месяц назад
I can barely do 15 push-ups😂 I want to be a navy seal 😂
Kymmberliestarr Месяц назад
Beast mode alert.
A-lex Месяц назад
7:36 he did 69 not 74
Leon Tan
Leon Tan Месяц назад
Why is Tom so big?
U S Месяц назад
When I was in the Army we had a guy who came from the Marine Corp and couldn't pass our PT. Keeps failing the sit up part.
WTBpickle Месяц назад
Fricken bullshit. Army you cannot rest during sit up, pushup and what a pathetic swim!!!! PATHETIC!!!
The Yeet Department
The Yeet Department 25 дней назад
Damn man... Just eat your pizza rolls and ctfo
Michael M
Michael M Месяц назад
These guys don't scream super athlete to me but more determined than an Olympian for sure and thats what makes a soldier hard to kill. The never quit that is learned through work
David Aka Aztek
David Aka Aztek Месяц назад
back in 2007 i passed it with a 7min swim, 82push, 98sit, 15pull, 8 1/2 run. just watched this video while eating pizza from Little Caesars with 0 "regerts" ;)
Da_Assassin 0084
Da_Assassin 0084 Месяц назад
What swimming style is he using is it taught in the marines?
The Yeet Department
The Yeet Department 25 дней назад
Combat sidestroke
The Montoya’s
The Montoya’s Месяц назад
Navy seal die faster in training then in combat Because they trained to get to combat
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez Месяц назад
I just want to be in great physical shape for the marines anyone recommend any military type workouts?
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Месяц назад
When I was in the British army I used to my mile and half run in 10.02sec and 10 pull ups. he's in the marines! Come on!
Whazii Tha goat
Whazii Tha goat Месяц назад
He is so humble it’s unbelievable
Caitlyn L
Caitlyn L Месяц назад
As a professional swimmer his swimming technique bother me greatly... Until he explained why
2DWN GRIF Месяц назад
I saw one thing wrong with the sit-ups you can’t rest on your back you have to be upright without resting on your knees either
celticfire64 Месяц назад
The glam pose on the track 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
celticfire64 Месяц назад
You have to dig where it's impossible to dig. You have to dig when you have absolutely nothing to dig with. If you can't find a way you make the way..... Army Brat
Oachilis Goku
Oachilis Goku Месяц назад
I can only do 16:58 in 2 mile sprint I really can’t judge him with my kinds of speed
Oachilis Goku
Oachilis Goku Месяц назад
Technically marine are kinda considered amphibian so
Banana_Pancake Месяц назад
KrazyL Месяц назад
Love that y'all are at Texas Tech!
MacDaddyMatty 69
MacDaddyMatty 69 Месяц назад
I diddnt know tfue was in the navy
Tortilla Месяц назад
Nothing compared to the SAS
yeet_ kid
yeet_ kid Месяц назад
I have a feeling that I would be me
Runtz- Месяц назад
Was i the only one moving my chin up, while he was doin chin ups😂
Rob Месяц назад
That pretty boy won't do very well, all that muscle is worthless without the nutrition.
MM Месяц назад
After almost a year ago how did he knows that I was going to be eating chips in my sofa and watching him at the same time???🤔🤔
Harry Longster
Harry Longster Месяц назад
He said the pool is 20 yards and he has to swim 500 yards to pass yet he said he only has to do 12 and a half laps which is only 260 yards?
TheReconGuy Месяц назад
man just gonna call me out like that
Long Nards
Long Nards Месяц назад
So now does he write a book and get a movie deal?
Izac Newton
Izac Newton Месяц назад
anyone else cheering the sit ups, thanks for video cheers
Jeff Willaby
Jeff Willaby Месяц назад
Chris Evans was a bad choice as Captain America compared to this dude!
Herve Tran
Herve Tran Месяц назад
I bad not even heard of side stroke. Or running.
Jessica F.
Jessica F. Месяц назад
I swear my abs cramped up just watching him do sit ups
Giovanni J Rivera
Giovanni J Rivera Месяц назад
Half of the push ups didn’t count because he wasn’t locking his elbows and he was supposed to be terminated on the sit-ups like on 20 count because he stayed on the ground for to long without making effort.
Arwo Месяц назад
Why sidestroke?
U.S Airforce
U.S Airforce Месяц назад
Bro i paused the video so he can catch his breath
Shayna Schwartz
Shayna Schwartz Месяц назад
I wanna see that dudes abs. His body is insane
TurboDiesel Месяц назад
I can’t tell if he’s paying the marine to overreact or the marine is doing it at his own will. Jk it’s probably one of the hardest trainings.
Chris Bentley
Chris Bentley Месяц назад
I used to run 3 miles in 18 mins. Can't imagine how bad it would be now...
Sipping Tea Savage
Sipping Tea Savage Месяц назад
Just watching this makes me tired. Reminding me of my swim team days 😭
K Martin802
K Martin802 Месяц назад
Ya got me homie lol was eating chips an salsa 😂😂😂 BUSTED
714jk Месяц назад
Boston? Jocko said the stats show a slight advantage to natives of New England
kay bar
kay bar Месяц назад
Funny story: I was a record holder in my HS years for the mile and three mile both HS and state , 4:01 for the mile and 13:06 for the three mile. This recruiter said that I could run for the Marines and get paid, plus go to college for free. How could I pass that up... Man he was good, oh I ran all right and I wouldn't call military pay much to brag about. But I did earn my Master's, and ended up putting in 20. BTW, I killed the old PI mile and three mile record, but they never kept an official record. Mile 4:03, three mile 13:39. USMC, best university in the world hands down.
fishouttawtr Месяц назад
Most of his push ups wouldn't have counted, he didn't come close to full extension!
Rover Lindor
Rover Lindor Месяц назад
A lot of them he didn’t go all the way up, but you have to respect he’s in the Marine Corp and not in the Navy being a Navy SEAL.
Alceno Folchini
Alceno Folchini 2 месяца назад
I could do it 40 years ago, abs I can beat this guy.
Aussie Puppies
Aussie Puppies 2 месяца назад
It must be an unimaginable feeling for the very few that can even qualify, nevermind those who go on to become a navy seal
Aussie Puppies
Aussie Puppies 2 месяца назад
He just tell him to swim half the actual length by mistake??
Ishsg Aowhsbdb
Ishsg Aowhsbdb 2 месяца назад
How tall is he
The Yeet Department
The Yeet Department 25 дней назад
D Gray
D Gray 2 месяца назад
While in the Marine Corps, I pulled Liberty in San Diego. While walking along Broadway, I noticed a fellow with a shaved head, hopping along the sidewalk ! When he hopped closer, I asked why he was hopping, instead of walking ? His reply was that he was in the Navy, and he was practicing to be a " FROG MAN " ! 🐸 SEMPER FI 81's !
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen 2 месяца назад
He miscounted so many push ups
Chris S
Chris S 2 месяца назад
when your body is 30 but your face says fk it forever 12
Bobby Ray
Bobby Ray 2 месяца назад
Great videos shipmate.
James McMillan
James McMillan 2 месяца назад
Your not supposed to stop and rest
Deepak Agarwal
Deepak Agarwal 2 месяца назад
So did he get in? Let us know. Don't leave us hanging.
Twon 609
Twon 609 2 месяца назад
The sit ups the easiest he has abs and can’t hit 70 under in. Min
bob robert
bob robert 2 месяца назад
Back in the day we ran it in trousers and boots, no running shoes and shorts. The PFT is a piece of cake compared to what lies ahead, believe me.
Dick Oldham
Dick Oldham 2 месяца назад
Semperfi Brother....
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