US Navy Sailor Reacts to Dude Perfect Aircraft Carrier Bucket List

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Austen Alexander

2 месяца назад

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I react to Dude Perfect going underway on a US Navy aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier is the USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander 2 месяца назад
Big thanks to Ridge for supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out!
Jack Месяц назад
Who else got it recommended after this lol
Caden Opalewski
Caden Opalewski Месяц назад
Thanks for your service
Cippy Case’s Gaming
Cippy Case’s Gaming Месяц назад
My uncle is works on jets excactly like those F-18s
Drake Amick
Drake Amick 2 месяца назад
It was a Bonita, not a yellowfin.
Sean Shiraishi
Sean Shiraishi 2 месяца назад
Imagine playing basketball and that one guy over shoots and the ball flys into the water
Mohammad Momin
Mohammad Momin День назад
Dude perfect makes a trick shot The lady:THATS SO FAKE 🤦‍♂️
roblox man
roblox man День назад
But the golf ball is biodegradable.
0pTicaL 2 дня назад
18:23 use a ad blocker
Aaron De Bruin
Aaron De Bruin 3 дня назад
Inagine being a civilian
Real Blue Alien
Real Blue Alien 6 дней назад
Camera one, Camera Two, Bibbidi Babbidi Bo. *Gunshot*
koda hale
koda hale 8 дней назад
18:48 I have never threw my phone out the window so quick
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez 8 дней назад
I’m with the Carl Vinson too, and the shooters are officers as well.
Carly Hurwitz Hurwitz
Carly Hurwitz Hurwitz 8 дней назад
ur just jealous of them alexander that u cant go on the aircraft
Fowler_Fam 10 дней назад
it’s a trout😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 in the OCEAN
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson 11 дней назад
Bruh your girl be calling that trout even though trout ate freshwater 😂🤣😂☺️😂
Marcela Nogueira
Marcela Nogueira 14 дней назад
Mickey B
Mickey B 16 дней назад
It's called a COD "Carrier On-Board Delivery" It's how we get our mail and new check ins/transfers on and off the ship.
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales 20 дней назад
does that lady stfu
Gab Sarno
Gab Sarno 21 день назад
The videos i see on youtube on this C-RAM thing they are talking about soo cool when it shoots
coffeethedodge 21 день назад
God damn, so how much do i have to pay for a aircraft carrier? Oh its around 1 billion, in monolpy money right?
Greer McDevitt
Greer McDevitt 22 дня назад
Th aircraft carrier is almost nice( its #68)
MLG_NYAN _gaming
MLG_NYAN _gaming 22 дня назад
The girl is so stupid
lynn clough
lynn clough 23 дня назад
I fully respect the military but I was getting ticked off when they were insulting DP
Austin Perron
Austin Perron 24 дня назад
I was there when they filmed on the Nimitz. It was a blast meeting the Dude Perfect guys. Good memories
Raw Key
Raw Key 25 дней назад
"alright get nekkid!" - spoken like a true sailor 🤣
Serkis 27 дней назад
did she rlly think that was a trout????
Anirban Chatterjee
Anirban Chatterjee 28 дней назад
That holly molly hurts my ears man😫😫😫😫😫
Embrace the Quantum
Embrace the Quantum 28 дней назад
Trying not to be rude but i really want to cover her mouth with duct tape
Doug Poulton
Doug Poulton 28 дней назад
We used to play flag football (Captain's Cup) on the flight deck of the Kitty Hawk in 1967. In transition, not while on the line, obviously. I'm sure that political correctness killed all that as soon as they started passing out "time out" chits..
Metal Mouth
Metal Mouth Месяц назад
Actually that was a Bonita tuna or a black fin
Error's Gaming Network
Error's Gaming Network 29 дней назад
Actually what they caught is called a "skipjack" tuna. Not a Bonita or blackfin
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Месяц назад
Jacksepticeye screams like that and he seems to be doing just fine lmao
Pat Hollenback
Pat Hollenback Месяц назад
My dad was in the navy he was petty officer third class
Anthony Corso
Anthony Corso Месяц назад
NEVER let this girl back in your video. I literally don't want to watch another video from your channel is she is gonna be there.
Hayden Randolph
Hayden Randolph Месяц назад
The fareway is the area were the ball can go with out getting in the water
Shani Mascoll
Shani Mascoll Месяц назад
Shani Mascoll
Shani Mascoll Месяц назад
Cormac Newman
Cormac Newman Месяц назад
Me:Can I have permission to shoot a plane. Commander:yes Me: bang bang boom
Shaik Shafaaq
Shaik Shafaaq Месяц назад
She : How do you think they filmed that ? Here’s how , they hired Tom Cruise to Hang outside of the Jet and film them .
Jackson Lockard
Jackson Lockard Месяц назад
They had to have paid them so much to do most of this stuff like hitting golf balls and drone shots
Henry Harrell
Henry Harrell Месяц назад
Pov: your looking for dude perfect's comment.
LeonardlLP Месяц назад
my 1st time on this channel and can confirm that his deep voice is more welcomign than the high screaming voice of that lady
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez Месяц назад
When did this become a thing
Matt Boodman
Matt Boodman Месяц назад
Skipjack tuna or bonito
Adam Heene 56
Adam Heene 56 Месяц назад
Muerto Gaming
Muerto Gaming Месяц назад
He rlly salty 😭but I would be too if they have more permission than I would have
CletusGaming Месяц назад
Actually being that I was stationed onboard a carrier myself those 3 days that they was onboard was for morale boost of the sailors onboard the ship
NinjaKamran10 Месяц назад
There is not one sentence dude perfect said without her commenting on
LaSalle jr
LaSalle jr Месяц назад
Can somebody tell to the girl to the SHUT THE HELL UP!
Lilskillz Rosario
Lilskillz Rosario Месяц назад
I am a part of CCSG-9 (Commander Carrier Strike Group Nine, one star admiral in charge of all ships in the strike group) EmbaRked onboard Theodore Roosevelt, we had to pull into Guam and basically all Covid personnel had to go to gyms or schools to be there till they were non positive for Covid, the rest of us had been moved to hotel rooms and split up for about 21 days, while in the hotel you were not allowed to leave your room, every morning 2 marines (flown down from Okinawa, Japan as part of task force medical) would knock on your door roughly at about 6am, then you’d get your temperature taken do a small survey essentially saying if you did or didn’t have symptoms, then 3 times a day food was brought to your door and they’d knock on your door and leave it right outside (7am 11am 5-6pm). Other than that you sat in a room watched Netflix or slept or did pushups or squats or whatever else, they’d take laundry about 2 times a week, bring sheets, towels, water bottles, toilet paper to you every 2-4 days depending on what you needed (you would leave a note saying I need *xyz* and then one of the marines would bring it to you later that day/night if not the next morning). Food varied based off hotels I stayed at the Lotte hotel and my food was great you let them know what you were allergic to to make sure you didn’t get any food you couldn’t eat (portions could have been bigger but it’s whatever) other hotels didn’t get as good of food. For example one o fly breakfast meals was (scrambled eggs, 2 hash browns, bacon sausage, 2 pastries, cup of fruit, orange juice, mini croissants, and French toast sticks) others were not as lucky in lower rating hotels getting just Raisin Bran and milk. You couldn’t leave the room as you had no key so there was no way of coming in again. Couldn’t be on the balcony at the same time as the guy or girl in the room next to you was on their balcony. Got tested for Covid (yes the swab up the nose touching you brain) about 5 times... once on ship to know if you were positive or not, then 3 days before the hotel to make sure you weren’t positive, first day in the hotel to make sure you didn’t stay there and ended up positive, 14 days in got test 4 and then day 18 test 5 and then day 21 you packed up threw everything away put all sheets towels etc in bio hazard bags and then sent it off and day 22 went back to the ship. The entire time we wore masks were not allowed to sit near each other and eat so finding a seat when you have all seats available for 5000 people is hard... take all the seats and cut them to 2 per table of 4 sitting diagonal from each other and now you have people standing with their food for about 10-15 min at minimum. Certain people moved out of berthing and racks (room and beds) so the whole berthing (room) can be a on ship quarantine in case another outbreak happens. Sadly we had 2 individuals die during the time, I will not say their rank rate (job) or name. For a ship of 5000, 2 people dying isn’t a lot but that’s 2 people you see every day and then no longer see at all. It hurt everyone whether we knew them personally or not. The ships Commanding officer was relieved of his job (I will not say anything more on that subject about it, the CO or those above and below him). In my opinion there were good things done and other things could’ve been executed better but being the first to ever experience something like this we set a standard of excellence and how stuff should be done and to this day we are still implementing these rules such as social distancing as much as possible and breaking up int two groups and working every other day. Working as hard as we can with what we got.
Jt cool
Jt cool Месяц назад
A rollercoaster is around 3-4 Gs. They only pulled 6.... So not that severe
Tristan Nihiser
Tristan Nihiser Месяц назад
Tbh this guy triggers me
Austin2_4_0 Месяц назад
I just got off of the Eisenhower deployment and this video blew my mind😂
hunkie Месяц назад
Holy moly
Super Sonic
Super Sonic Месяц назад
8:11 why i'm having some jealous vibes... Hmmmm
Isabella Nuttall
Isabella Nuttall Месяц назад
They probably got special permissions because they paid a lot of money.
fridge Месяц назад
shes scary
Collian 818
Collian 818 Месяц назад
Watch there airsoft battle COD
Collian 818
Collian 818 Месяц назад
There names are cody,Tyler,coby,garret and cory👍👍👍❤
Collian 818
Collian 818 Месяц назад
Visit dude perfect
Ben stone
Ben stone Месяц назад
They gave them permission to record because they have loads of subs
Stuffy SoapyVlog
Stuffy SoapyVlog Месяц назад
The sister did not know the Military stuff
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown Месяц назад
The fish that they caught isn’t a tuna but it is in the skipjack family which is somewhat a tuna but they caught a bonito
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Месяц назад
我要为川普做神的见证人 !!(This part of Chinese language) 我是真的见过神的人!! (我在2014年曾经历过死亡。真正地和神一起走在天堂的路上!! 最后,被护送回到大地 )!!! 我想我应该为川普做神的见证人!! 川普是被神拣选,预备派到这个世界上,拯救美国经济,维持世界和平!! 川普是被神高高举起的人!!是活在主里的人!! 是敬畏神的人!!是行走在神的旨意当中的人!! 无论人类设下什么障碍,都无法打击替代川普!! 因为神会帮他跨越一切障碍的!!因为他要赢得神的奖赏!! 而凡基督徒都知道,圣经上说“你们是不可以做假见证的。”下面我就将我所看见的真实的异象详细地描述给你们“ The night of July 22 ,2019 .I were praying for President TRUMP. Then in the VISION , " I saw a Giant Golden Glittering CROSS !! Then, at this moment, I saw TRUMP coming ! He was Wearing a Beautiful Blue Suit, and a RED Tie , And With His Big SMILE !! Then, TRUMP walks to the Right Side of the CROSS , STRANDING a little bit Behind the CROSS !!!" This is VISION I've Seen !! I am a Canadian . I Hope Trump Knows that He is NOT Alone, GOD ,LORD JESUS Be ALWAYS With HIM !!!. And I think I should be the God Testimony to Trump !! All those who BLESS TRUMP will be BLESSED !! Anyone who Denigrates Trump will Be CURSED !!!
Evan Hoffmann
Evan Hoffmann Месяц назад
Rafael Briones
Rafael Briones Месяц назад
Bruh She needs To Shut up or something dude. I was Thinking About Subbing Until I heard her voice like Someone Put tape On her mouth or something 🤦🏽‍♂️
Rover_Runnerr Месяц назад
The lady drove me away. Sorry
Aidan Preuss
Aidan Preuss Месяц назад
Just now many speal permissions did they get
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson Месяц назад
Yellowfin tuna 🤦🏽‍♂️
wetmath 3000
wetmath 3000 Месяц назад
can that lady stfu
Weill Месяц назад
Wait wouldn’t the blue angels be part of the airforse
LegatAbyssWalker Месяц назад
Blue angels is the demonstration team for the navy. Thunderbirds is air force.
Weill Месяц назад
Hey man you can’t really say it like it’s dude perfects fault for scheduling a no fly day. When dp sent the list the navy would know what they would need to do (schedule no fly day) to let them fly that.the navy could have said no
Mike P
Mike P Месяц назад
Dude..... adds?!?! Your doing a reaction video and you didn't pay for RUrun red?
Aidan Keys
Aidan Keys Месяц назад
I just realized, that carrier had no visible escort. I don't know much of naval conventions but isn't it a big no no to have a carrier all by its self. I understand they got special permissions but nothing, it just feels off.
Abdirahim Abdullahi
Abdirahim Abdullahi Месяц назад
You guys need to chill out, every comment I read is about the lady acting some kind of way! I thought she was okay! I've seen women that don't deserve to be called ladies, and she is not apart of them!
Ghastify Месяц назад
bigpapi pimp
bigpapi pimp Месяц назад
Glad to see someone is making allot of money off of tax payers money, complete bullshit
Bombom Child
Bombom Child Месяц назад
I dont get it why isnt fishing alowed?
Bradly Rangel
Bradly Rangel Месяц назад
“That poor fish😟” “You eat fish all the time😑” *silence
xDTrump2020Maga ign jln_americafirst ig
xDTrump2020Maga ign jln_americafirst ig Месяц назад
when your sister calls a saltwater fish a trout: . . .
Error's Gaming Network
Error's Gaming Network 29 дней назад
Um.. You sir must not be an angler. Ever hear of a fish called "steelhead"? It is the exact same thing as a rainbow trout except guess what?.. They live in the OCEAN!! Learned something new today I bet.
Lily Pau
Lily Pau Месяц назад
When I clicked this video I saw dude perfect: bucket list on the side screen.
Blind_FPV Месяц назад
Could someone just mute her mic please?
Max Morgan
Max Morgan Месяц назад
can that lady please be quiet
Cody Shodrock
Cody Shodrock Месяц назад
I trout is a fresh water fish haha i believe it was a tuna
Coyote One
Coyote One Месяц назад
I came to comment but it looks like what I was going to say is already well noted 😂
king_ Astronomy_GG
king_ Astronomy_GG Месяц назад
is no one going to adress the fact that they flew an F-16 on a navy ship. no.. ok
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Месяц назад
Putting this out here for the people in the back. It's not actually his sister. It's his gf.
Johnsterthemonster123 Yeet
Johnsterthemonster123 Yeet Месяц назад
Mustanggamer99 Месяц назад
If she thinks it’s fake she can go to RUrun and look up dude perfect bloopers and she can trick shot bloopers
Javiator Месяц назад
U said no fly day but they could fly after
LitLEGG 2181
LitLEGG 2181 Месяц назад
I hate this lady
No Месяц назад
somebody come get their mom shes going off again
Aaron Buck
Aaron Buck Месяц назад
This is the first video ive seen from this channel and itll be the last just because of her voice
Abel Rangel
Abel Rangel Месяц назад
“Hitting golf balls that’s a no no” lmao. Remembering back to my deployment when I hit golf balls off the back of the ship. Totally allowed if the skipper says so
akshay chandra
akshay chandra Месяц назад
i hate this video yuckkkk
Yeet Nation420
Yeet Nation420 Месяц назад
Those golf balls were biodegradable
Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson Месяц назад
I disliked the videos just because of the girl
Echo Месяц назад
When you look on the drone cinematic shots you can see that the flight deck is relatively empty of aircraft. I suspect that this carrier was based just a few hundred miles from US shaw as it doesn't look like it is kitted out for a patrol.
Kai Runyon
Kai Runyon Месяц назад
Trout, tuna. No its a bonito
Trevor DeHart
Trevor DeHart Месяц назад
Honestly vid wild have been better without your sis she not the brightest kinda annoyinging
YOMAMA 24 Месяц назад
If anyone is wondering if the golf balls they used were plastic they weren't they dissolve with water If you go to the vid they say they dissolve with water
Samuel Barnes
Samuel Barnes Месяц назад
She said TROUT
Kieran todd
Kieran todd Месяц назад
Americans really are the set 8’s of the world
riley H
riley H Месяц назад
i’m dead she said “trout” LOL
Xephyy Месяц назад
“ThAt Is FaKe”
lalsangzuala ralte
lalsangzuala ralte Месяц назад
tha golf ball was bio degradable
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