Welcome to Alabama

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Austen Alexander

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Austen Alexander is an Active Duty Sailor, who posts weekly to RUrun. He is most popular for his challenge videos including Ms. Bikini Olympia and challenging U.S Marines to obstacle courses and races. Austen is the host of the Hot Mic Show with Austen Alexander podcast and continues to post fitness and lifestyle-related content to Instagram as well.

Nick Hammack
Nick Hammack Год назад
First and this video is amazing
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Nick Hammack I appreciate you Nick
wandy morales
wandy morales Месяц назад
Austen Alexander you are looking very handsome man strong arms and i love your RUrun channel and i love your voice and I love your tattoos on your shoulder god bless you i Am always praying for you and i am proud of you being in navy military god bless you 🌍🌍🌍🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄
Josh Roake
Josh Roake Месяц назад
Never skip a leg day
wandy morales
wandy morales 2 месяца назад
Austen your mom she is very beautiful lady god bless you and your beautiful mom 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗💖👄👄💖👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄💖💖
MJ K 6 месяцев назад
7:00 whats the name of music / track?
celi nee
celi nee 7 месяцев назад
Nice 🥰
Aarav Brissett
Aarav Brissett 7 месяцев назад
I ment I live in Huntsville Alabama
Nick Whitten
Nick Whitten 8 месяцев назад
Wait ur from Florence?
Morgan Crabtree
Morgan Crabtree 10 месяцев назад
Dude I live right down the road from there
Kalan Wascher
Kalan Wascher Год назад
Is your mom also your girlfriend?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Kalan Wascher Of course
Calvario10 Год назад
No freaking way bro I live in Florence, Alabama that’s so cool I found your channel recently because my cousin is a MA3 in the Navy currently love the channel
Leigh slaven
Leigh slaven Год назад
Awesome video 👊🏻💪🏼
That Mofo
That Mofo Год назад
range guy flagged his own hand during entire interview
Dixie Crystal
Dixie Crystal Год назад
You're an Alabama fan right? lol Roll Tide
Damjan Mitrović
Damjan Mitrović Год назад
I thought that there will be sum alabama memes
Shovunizim Cordiforio
Shovunizim Cordiforio Год назад
Okay this is interesting, 😀 to see you are left handed.😃
Sarah Stanley
Sarah Stanley Год назад
One of the main problems when shooting is not securing their cheek to the rifle. Also love from Alabama
Michael Coley
Michael Coley Год назад
Roll tide from Madison AL
Skyler Bacon
Skyler Bacon Год назад
So funny to see you get Ethan in a video finally. Thanks so much being motivated and helpful! Keep it up bro!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Skyler Bacon 😂😂 I pretty much made him do it. I appreciate the support!! ❤️❤️
Ashley Langford
Ashley Langford Год назад
I am from Decatur. Not too far
Totally Snipes
Totally Snipes Год назад
So Austin Alexander does anyone ever joke on you about incest crap being from Douglas and living in sardis I get that a lot lol but I love the vids keep up the great work man!! Wont be long before i enlist to the marines people like you are great role models THANK YOU!!
ccw 85
ccw 85 Год назад
I live in Alabama and saw this video and was hmm I wonder where in Alabama he is... then I read the description and he is legit in the city I live in lol!!!
Brayden McNeal
Brayden McNeal Год назад
I live in Decatur. Hella cool. Come back!
Brayden McNeal
Brayden McNeal Год назад
Austen Alexander definitely is!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Infinite Pictures and Video small world!
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez Год назад
MA2 Austen Alexander,USN: Once and again, Thank You for Your Service to GOD Almighty and Country as a US Sailor. Query, have You not considered attending and graduating from BUD/S , and, wearing The Navy SEAL Trident?! Are You not interested in becoming a SWCC Boat Team Operator?! Do You, Petty Officer Alexander, have to be underway on a vessel in order to be awarded The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist ( ESWS) Badge?! I Am Prior Service USMC and US Army.I didn't serve in the Navy. I have been ( in The Marine Corps) on board The USS Belleau Wood LHA-3 and The USS Pelelieu LHA-5. In The Army as a Parachutist and Air Assault-qualified Food Services Specialist in HHC 3/75 Ranger, stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia in1997, I had the rare privilege to be on board the USS Enterprise CVN-65 and serve alongside Navy Mess Management Specialists ( now Culinary Specialists) during a Joint Special Operations Forces Exercise. HooYah, Petty Officer Alexander!!😆🇺🇸🦅🗽🔫
BIG LO Год назад
2:00 minute mark. the instructor has his left hand over the barrel!!? please dont do that.
Marksman Год назад
Here is the best pistol grip style: rurun.info/zone/video/qq-cx4ezmal2hq8
Glad see you made to Alabama Johnson
LongColt Год назад
Im not allowed back in Alabama after divorcing my sister
Ken Morrison
Ken Morrison Год назад
Austen, go punch whoever it was that told you not to choke up on a pistol. They are an idiot.
Jeff Webb
Jeff Webb Год назад
Alabama? Uh, no thanks! The south is for those who use guns as "emotional support weapons".
bbigfonso Год назад
Eye Pro!
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld Год назад
Until 1933 in Alabama it was legal to take a picture of a lynching and use it as a postcard.
Johnathan B
Johnathan B Год назад
"cop" connects with his inner hill Billy roots.
Aarav Brissett
Aarav Brissett Год назад
I live in Florence Alabama
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Andrew Luck small world!
Christian Wood
Christian Wood Год назад
What did your mom think of you joining the military????
elias Castellón
elias Castellón Год назад
The thumbnail is about right for the name of the video.
John Silva
John Silva Год назад
Mama have heart God bless
Ryan Wooden
Ryan Wooden Год назад
Hey I didn't know you was from Alabama. I'm from Fort Payne Alabama myself.
Official Critz
Official Critz Год назад
“Step bro”
Aiden Год назад
Hahaha Ford.
ChaseRechel Год назад
Welcome to Alabama, where women lose a right a day!
NASdaq dowJONES Год назад
Liberals would call this "toxic masculinity".
OneTwoCrazy Год назад
Love me a good Silverado
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
Nothing like em!
Rich Davis
Rich Davis Год назад
Loved the intro!
Jaquaye Minor
Jaquaye Minor Год назад
Just subscribed cause you’re in Florence 👌🏽
Dylan jones
Dylan jones Год назад
What u should’ve said was, Hello there, welcome to Alabama this here is my sister, aka my wife, aka the mother of my children, yee haw
Isaac Gleeson
Isaac Gleeson Год назад
What is the exact name of your job in the navy
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Isaac Gleeson Master at Arms Naval Security
Triyphix Год назад
How are you an MP that doesn’t know how to shoot a pistol properly? That’s the only weapon system you’re supposed to know...
GlutenAllergy Год назад
where you can’t get abortion’s
Blake Год назад
Got to love home
FrostBite Pokin
FrostBite Pokin Год назад
Your mom is 37? Wow young mom
FrostBite Pokin
FrostBite Pokin Год назад
Bruce Leroy r/wooosh
NASdaq dowJONES Год назад
Not too bright are you?
Lars Rodbok
Lars Rodbok Год назад
Alabama? No thanks.
Yeet Cannon Outfitters
Yeet Cannon Outfitters Год назад
Hey Austin, yes the slide has a chance of “biting” you. But it’s better to have a high grip on the gun. Helps with recoil management and cuts down on muzzle flip. It helps get your sights back on target for fast accurate follow up shots. Good training is key to success. Great video by the way brother!
Yeet Cannon Outfitters
Yeet Cannon Outfitters Год назад
Georgia’s where it’s at man!
Minseo Yu
Minseo Yu Год назад
Your mother's beauty makes your son look good.
Zoie Grantland
Zoie Grantland Год назад
The tittle and thumbnail together are a disappointment for all Alabamians including myself
Joaquin Heredia
Joaquin Heredia Год назад
Halley Cisson
Halley Cisson Год назад
R4ym1n Год назад
Damn that heavy scar is an animal !
mb vlogs
mb vlogs Год назад
Damn!!! Ur legs, those rips!!!!! Beff
Nicholas Bernstein
Nicholas Bernstein Год назад
Have you brought the cousin on out there?😂 just playing around, stay safe out there man!
Roy Год назад
wait, you're from Bama too? I'm in Huntsville, and went to school at UNA. I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Rob Dewberry
Rob Dewberry Год назад
c/o of 93
Brylee Conroy
Brylee Conroy Год назад
I was born in Alabama but now I live in Illinois
Jacob Ford
Jacob Ford Год назад
Welcome to " Huntsville, Alabama "... where we date our sisters , cousins , and brothers 💕
Golden Trowel
Golden Trowel Год назад
37th bithday I dont think so that means she was 7 when she had you because looking at you I would say your the on who is 37
Damian Gessner
Damian Gessner Год назад
That’s a tampon on the front of his truck
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Damian Gessner 😂😂😂
wes hammer
wes hammer Год назад
Ive lived in Florence for the last 12 years and it’s weird seeing you in places I know! Shipping out October 29th
Chandler Brown
Chandler Brown Год назад
I live in Georgia so hey neighbor
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Chandler Brown whatsupppppp
Jose Год назад
Austen has any one ever told you that you look like the Battlefield 4 poster guy ?
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Jose Castillo 😂 that’s a precise thing to say but no they haven’t
Jamison Lane
Jamison Lane Год назад
Sweet home Alabama. Enjoy your leave brother.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Jamison Lane yep! Thanks man
The Missourian
The Missourian Год назад
This.. Is... Awesommmeee
The Missourian
The Missourian Год назад
@Austen Alexander welcome broo, im heading to the navy bro. Thanks for ur awesome vids
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+The Missourian thank you!
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean Год назад
Where's your eye protection?
Dale Henry
Dale Henry Год назад
Does the Navy have the 320 or m17 yet,what do you carry on the job?your mom is very cool.
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Dale Henry not that I have seen. They may be issued to those overseas in the Navy. I carry an M9 and M4 some of the time
Duncan Bauman
Duncan Bauman Год назад
Do a better job of covering your bottom half
Mike Lets
Mike Lets Год назад
your friends a douche bag
Ian Wheat
Ian Wheat Год назад
Dameron MAN
Dameron MAN Год назад
Austin nice to see you’re a left handed shooter. They need to make more of us
LiamTheLamington Год назад
Aye loved the video buddy also the burnouts were sick as should come to Aus and do some aye haha. ❤
JW Год назад
My junk would hang out wearing those daisy dukes.
Mike Yob
Mike Yob Год назад
Fellow gym rat ???
Mike Yob
Mike Yob Год назад
The American Way
The American Way Год назад
I love living in Alabama
Marc Williams
Marc Williams Год назад
I had no idea you were from Florence.... So am I. Small world! Love your videos. Keep it up.
Tyler Harrell
Tyler Harrell Год назад
This my home state
Lisa Hope
Lisa Hope Год назад
How is his mom only 37 he looks at least 25
FrostBite Pokin
FrostBite Pokin 6 месяцев назад
It’s Alabama baby, you know what that means
Mitsubishi Hashimoto
Mitsubishi Hashimoto Год назад
I thought same...
Paul Q
Paul Q Год назад
She's 17 actually
zed Год назад
Love the truck
Misha Chandler
Misha Chandler Год назад
Do y’all RHEC
Ryan Soong
Ryan Soong Год назад
Can someone teach this range officer to stop flagging himself, I'm flinching
Lin Ormonde
Lin Ormonde Год назад
Eye protection?
sortacasual Год назад
*insert Alabama joke here*
Cypress Creek Indoor Range
Cypress Creek Indoor Range Год назад
Thanks so much for coming out! It was great to see you again after all these years, and thank you for your service!
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
I appreciate the hospitality! Great to see you as well! I’ll be back 💪
Billy Andersen
Billy Andersen Год назад
The 6 dislikes are from liberals
NASdaq dowJONES Год назад
Same thing I said
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Billy Andersen I guarantee it
Silent Год назад
Why are your pockets bulging all the time??
Silent Год назад
@Austen Alexander I see
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Год назад
+Silent I wear short shorts and I carry my phone wallet and keys
stine Bishop
stine Bishop Год назад
What a beautiful momma.
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki Год назад
Great fam 👍
Zen Год назад
Welcome to Alabama where if you're not over 6'0 as a male; you're not accept
John Wig
John Wig Год назад
When u mentioned FACE PULLS, i can hear Jeff Cavalier from ATHLEANX shouting "THATS MY BOY"
Connor Nielsen
Connor Nielsen Год назад
that FN is a beast, I never knew they came in .308 ahah
ummZacary Год назад
Kosti Kauppinen
Kosti Kauppinen Год назад
Did I saw Austen shooting with one eye closed?? 😠😠😠
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